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      Location - OFF Hwy 811 near Rabat.

      This cemetery qualifies as one of the, if not the worst I have visited. The place ia almost completely inaccesable, a tangle of Rose bushes, briars, trees, etc. The house is in ruins.

  1. C., C. B.   (b. Unknown - d. Unknown)
      • Two marble monument bases, no stones anywhere to be found --- one has "C.B.C." on footstone.
  2. Coates, Evelyn   (b. 17 Jul 1854 - d. 11 Jun 1920)
  3. Coates, Hubert T.   (b. 11 Feb 1920 - d. 7 Feb 1955)
  4. Coates, Nanie K.   (b. 23 Oct 1884 - d. 10 Apr 1924)
      • Wife of T.L. Coates.
  5. Coates, Walter   (b. 28 Jun 1897 - d. 1 Sep 1954)
  6. Coats, Nannie E.   (b. 15 May 1833 - d. 20 Apr 1904)
  7. Coats, William Warren   (b. 9 Oct 1901 - d. 1 Oct 1906)
  8. Crews, Mandy Mrs.   (b. Unknown - d. 26 Jan 19__)
      • AGED 64 0R 84 YEARS.
  9. Wallace, George Washington   (b. 15 Feb 1878 - d. 1 Mar 1919)

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