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      Location - 2811 Hogan Lane, Method, Raleigh.

      Coordinates: 35d 47m 28.0s N; 78d 41m 08.9s W Click here for Google maps

      Directions: Listed as located at 2811Hogan Lane. Take Hillsborough Street, turn south onto Royal Street, and cross the rail road tracks. Hogan Lane is the immediate left after crossing the rail road tracks. It is a small dirt road. This area can not be accessed from Gorman Street as there are no exits off Gorman into this area at this time.

      To access the cemetery one can either park at the current end to Hogan Lane and walk along what remains of the old dirt road to get to the north side of the cemetery. This slim strip where the old dirt road existed is currently owned by the rail road per Wake County. The other option is that one can continue on Hogan Lane, turn right at Wilcox Street, then left on Wilcox Place and continue to the end of the road. One can park at the end of Wilcox Place (dirt road) as it dead ends currently at this point.

      Orange markers tied to trees marking the edges of the cemetery can be seen from the road most times of year. The current neighbor to the west of the cemetery asks that visitors to the cemetery do not attempt to access the cemetery by walking up his drive area. One can easily access the cemetery from the east side of the cemetery after parking at the end of Wilcox Place. This entry point requires one to cross over a few feet of privately owned property not currently related to the cemetery. Although, no complaints about crossing this property has been made as of yet, there are reports that the new owner will be developing the land for personal use and the ability to access at this point may become limited in the future.

      Non active, privately owned family cemetery. Reported by Tammy Rummel in January 2014.

      This historical African American family cemetery is privately owned by the Hogan family of Method, Raleigh, North Carolina. Originally located along the old dirt road called Hogan Lane in Method, the part of the dirt road that continued along the north side of the cemetery is no longer in use and has overgrown.

      The cemetery is currently marked off by bright orange markers tied to trees and iron rods in the ground. The cemetery lies to the south of the rail road tracks only a few feet and north of Wilcox Place (dirt road) a few feet.

      Although not in a terrible state of neglect, the cemetery has not been completely maintained in several years. A few of the headstones appear to have fallen over and one must take extra care with deeper than normal sinks that occur thru out the cemetery. Currently only seven marked graves have been located. It is reported by neighbors and those that have lived in the area that there once were more visible headstones and that it is believed that they have fallen and are covered by leaves, vegetation and dirt. In addition, it is reported that many of those buried in this cemetery never had a marker.

      There are no recent burials that have been located, however, it does not seem to be out of the question that more family members can be buried there if they so choose.

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