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      Location - SW corner of intersection of Old Stage Rd and John Adams Rd.

      Coordinates: 35d 34m 15.0s N; 78d 41m 25.3s W Click here for Google maps

      Directions: go south on Old Stage Rd from Hwy 42. at John Adams Rd intersection turn right (west) and go 100 feet and turn left onto driveway (home is on right). At the turn there is Myatt/Smith sign and two other signs to guide you. The walk following signs is about 150 yards.

      Surveyed by ?? in January 2010. Plat of the cemetery.

      NOTES: The other square marks on the plat are large stones with sunken areas in the probable casket area. These were probably the earliest burials and because of the location and size were family leaders.
      The areas at the south end are crowded with small or no headstones and may well have been the slave area.
      It is interesting to note the three straight rows of graves. All are as customarily buried east and west with the head facing the east or rising sun.
      The gatepost at the north side is probably an original post from the early 1800s when the cemetery was established.

  1. Myatt, Amelia Harrison   (b. 23 Nov 1830 - d. 4 Dec 1910)
      • She is the Wife of William Alfred Myatt and the daughter of Harrison and Mary Hinton Rand and the granddaughter of Walter Rand from the Garner area who was with Washington at Valley Forge.
  2. Myatt, Nathanial Green   (b. 23 May 1853 - d. 4 Jun 1921)
      • He was the 4th child of William Alfred and Amelia Harrison Rand Myatt. (in the Myatt section)
  3. Myatt, W. Alfred   (b. 10 Jul 1812 - d. 14 Oct 1897)
      • He is the son of Acrill and Ann Gilmore Myatt and the grandson of Mark and Mary Speight Myatt. (in the Myatt section)
  4. Smith, Frank   (b. 3 Jun 1849 - d. 9 Nov 1921)
      • He is the Husband of Mary Pherabe Myatt Smith and the son of Alfred and Ann Whittington Smith from Calybeate Springs in Harnett County and the brother of Neil Smith from Kipling. (in the Myatt section)
  5. Smith, Hoke   (b. 19 Aug 1894 - d. 21 Apr 1895)
      • (in the Smith area)
  6. Smith, Lucy Elizabeth   (b. 11 Feb 1884 - d. 13 Mar 1885)
      • She is the 4th child of H. Frank and Mary Pherabe Myatt Smith. (footstone only) (in the Myatt section)
  7. Smith, Otha F.   (b. 14 Jul 1884 - d. 15 Nov 1922)
      • He is the son of A. Turner and Amelia Myatt Smith who died in China and was cremated. (in the Smith area)
  8. Smith, Virginia   (b. 26 Jun 1895 - d. 1 Nov 1895)
      • She is the 10th child of H. Frank and Mary Pherabe Myatt Smith (the sister of Amelia whose Husband Turner was the brother of H. Frank). (in the Smith area)
  9. Smith, William Acrill   (b. 24 Aug 1885 - d. 24 Jun 1892)
      • He is 5th child of H. Frank and Mary Pherabe Myatt Smith. (death year may be 1897) (in the Myatt section)
  10. Unknown, ??   (b. - d. )
      • A footstone with the initials HM which is probably a Myatt. (in the Myatt section)
  11. Unknown, ??   (b. - d. )
      • with a metal foot marker and a large stone at the head. (in the Smith area)

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