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      Location - Wilders Grove, Hwy. 64 E.,Raleigh,Wake Co., NC.

      Coordinates: 35d 47m 57.0s N; 78d 33m 51.0s W Click here for Google maps

      Surveyed by Shirley Olson on February 14, 2002.

      Directions - from the Raleigh beltline (Hwy. 440): Take exit # 13 east, (Hwy. 64 E.), approximately 0.5 mile.

      This is a busy 4 lane divided highway. On the left side of the road, going east, you will see a Kroger store, a K-mart store, and, closest to the road, a bread outlet and a gas station. These are the landmarks to guide you to this small cemetery. They are all located in Wilders Grove Plaza, a shopping center bounded on the left by Corporation Pkwy., and on the right by New Hope Road. There is a cross-over to get into the shopping center, but if you miss it, take the next left turn at New Hope
      Road and enter from there.

      Right next to the gas station-minimart, surrounded by a wrought iron fence, is this remarkably well preserved cemetery. There are 3 tombstones and 5 tombs, all in good condition.

      Further Notes: Col. Hillory Madison Wilder was the son of Samuel Wilder II and his wife Frances Irwin. He was born in Johnston County, NC. He married Esther Avera (daughter of Jacob Avera and Anne Fail) in 1803 and they had eight children.

      Elizabeth Wilder Hinton, Frances Wilder Bridgers Smith and Hillory M. Wilder, M.D., three of these children, are buried in the Wilder's Grove Cemetery. Wilder assembled his land for Wilder's Grove by buying 1,800 acres in Wake County. He built a 10-room frame house on the land in 1837. It burned in the first half of the 20th century. The house was located where the K-Mart now stands. A large pecan grove was planted in front of the house and stood until this shopping center was built in the 1990's.

      Major Gaston Henry Wilder was born in Johnston County, NC and died in Wake County, NC. He married Sarah Elizabeth Hinton (daughter of James Isaac Hinton and Frances Jane Hart)in 1850 and they had eight children. Wilder was a lawyer, planter, legislator, president of the Raleigh and Gaston Railroad; served on the committee to plan the new state capitol building. He was Paymaster of the NC Regiment in the Mexican War in 1847.

      Sarah Hinton Wilder told her grandson, William Haywood Rogers, III that she remembered Sherman's Army camping all around Wilder's Grove in April 1865, just a night after Confederate troops had left the property. The Federal troops spared the house but used all possible sources of food and fuel, even burning the fence posts.

      Several large rocks (no inscription) in the cemetery mark the graves of family slaves.

      The Wilder family originated in Reading, England, where the family home still stands. It was called Sulham Manor and was built in 1497. A well-known American Wilder from this same family was Almonzo Wilder of New York State, husband of author Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the "Little House on the Prairie" books.

  1. Hinton, Ransom   (b. 22 Jul 1807 - d. 21 Apr 1842)
      • "In memory of Ransom Hinton, who was born 22nd of July 1807 and died the 21st of April 1842. In the 35th year of his age."
  2. Wilder, Col. Hillory   (b. 18 May 1784 - d. 22 Mar 1849)
      • "Col. Hillory Wilder, born May 18th, 1784 and died 22nd of March 1849. He represented the County of Johnston in the Legislature 1821-1835 and was a member of the convention of 1835 to amend the Constitution of North Carolina." Known for frugality, humility, industry and common sense, but above all was strictly an honest man. "He made his mark upon the age in which he lived and left the world without a blot upon his character."
  3. Wilder, Elizabeth   (b. 29 Oct 1807 - d. 11 Aug 1865)
      • Wife of Ransom Hinton
  4. Wilder, Esther   (b. 15 Oct 1786 - d. 9 Nov 1857)
      • Wife of Col. Hillory Wilder - "In memory of Mrs. Esther Wilder, Wife of Col. Hillory Wilder. Born October 15th, 1786, Died November 9, 1857 - Energetic in character, she was always affectionate to her friends and relatives and kind and liberal to the poor."
  5. Wilder, Frances   (b. 1 Oct 1809 - d. 1863)
      • Wife o Thomas D. Bridgers & John Smith, "Frances Wilder, Wife of Thomas D. Bridgers and John Smith, October 1, 1809-1863"
  6. Wilder, Gaston   (b. 1 Apr 1814 - d. 5 Aug 1873)
      • son of Esther Avera & Hillory Wilder, "Our father Gaston H. Wilder son of Esther Avera and Hillory M. Wilder, April 1, 1814,August 5, 1873 - Liberal in mind, generous in heart. Utter purity and honesty characterized his every act. He was a fond Husband, indulgent parent, a good neighbor and a friend to the poor. 'The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and he delighteth in his way.'"
  7. Wilder, Hillory M. (M.D.)   (b. 3 Sep 1825 - d. 23 Jun 1849)
      • Died age 26 "In memory of Hillory M. Wilder, M.D. who was born September 3rd 1825 and died June 23rd 1849 in the 26 year of his age Distinguished alike for the love of learning and truth and with the mildness of his temper, the kindness of his heart and purity of his purpose he will be long and sincerely lamented by his affectionate friends and relatives. 'Happy is he who dies in youth and whose renown is known.'"
  8. Wilder, Sarah E.   (b. 5 Jul 1831 - d. 12 Jun 1901)
      • Wife of Gaston H. Wilder, daughter of Frances Hart and Jas. Isaac Hinton, "Our mother Sarah E. Wilder, Wife of Gaston H. Wilder, daughter of Frances Hart and Jas. Isaac Hinton, July 5, 1831, June 12, 1901. Pure in heart, sweet in disposition, she was a kind and affectionate Wife, a loving mother, a true Christian and friend to all. 'Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God'"

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