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      Location - on the grounds of the Macedonia Church, 2004 Rock Quarry Rd., Raleigh, NC.

      Coordinates: 35d 45m 11.0s N; 78d 36m 48.5s W Click here for Google maps

      Directions: Take Exit # 300 South from the Tom Bradshaw Freeway (Hwy. 440-40) onto Rock Quarry Rd. (SR #2542). Go about 1/4 mile and you will pass Southgate Plaza Shopping Center, corner Crosslink & Rock Quarry, on your right as you head south. The next right turn after that is Lyndhurst Drive which borders the church property.

      Surveyed by Shirley Olson in February 2006. The cemetery is abandoned and no longer in use.

      Written by Ann Batts Brosnahan 2 February 2006:

      The Burial Place of my great grandparents George Griffin Aycock, his wife Holland Ann Rose Aycock and their son George D. Aycock. Information provided by family members, News Observer newspaper, NC Archives, Family Bible and Civil War Archives.

      Family tradition tells us that, George and Annie Aycock were buried in a small private cemetery on the land which they had been farming at the time of their death. When one reads the News and Observer, in Raleigh North Carolina, Friday Morning, April 20, 1900. HEADLINES; HUSBAND AND WIFE JOINED.

      Mr. Aycock and His Wife Die in Two Days of Each Other. The land on George Aycock was farming at the time of his death was owned by Mr. Newt. Rowling. (Note the newspaper spelling of the Rowling surname -should be "Rowland"). I have a copy of this obituary.

      There has never been any grave markers put on the graves of George and Annie Aycock. Their graves were marked with large rock-stones, side by side in a row along side their son George who died before 1900.

      According to Aycock Family members and Margaret Aycock Batts a grand daughter of George and Annie Aycock. Also Margaret Aycock Batts is my mother.

      This small cemetery was known as the Rowland Family Cemetery, and the families of Durham were buried there too. It was always kept up neat and clear of weeds by their son, Edward H. Aycock until he became too ill and the job was past to his son Grange B. Aycock until the early 1970s. My cousin said, that in 1972 it looked, as though may be as many as ten or twelve stones. It was overgrown and
      she couldn't walk around the cemetery. It has been learned that the land had been sold to an African/American church. It was learned that during the construction of this church, the plans were to have a driveway where the cemetery was so there could be access from Cross Link Rd to the church. After the bulldozer started to clear the land, construction at this part was halted, but not in time to save some of the Durham tombstones this was told to me by family. My cousin visited the cemetery in 1983. She could see tracks made by construction equipment and broken pieces of head stones, but some signs still visible were large rocks, a few Rowland headstones still in place.

      Contributed by Ann Batts Brosnahan, great grand daughter of George and Holland Aycock

      Shirley Olson walked the cemetery and used the notes of Ann Brosnahan to record all the graves.

  1. Aycock, George D.   (b. 13 Sep 1892 - d. bef. 1900)
      • son of George and Holland Aycock, rough stone marker, no inscription. January 2011 now has a headstone with inscription.
  2. Aycock, George Griffin   (b. 2 Mar 1838 - d. 17 Apr 1900)
      • Pvt Co B "Nat Macon Guards" 30th Reg NC Infantry (State Troops) Army of North Virginia, CSA, enlisted in Warren Co. NC, 16 Aug 1861, rough stone marker, no inscription. January 2011 now has a CSA headstone with inscription.
  3. Aycock, Holland Annie Rose   (b. abt. 1855 - d. 19 Apr 1900)
      • rough stone marker, no inscription. January 2011 now has a headstone with inscription.
  4. Rowland, Edgar   (b. 29 May 1887 - d. 22 Sep 1889)
      • son of S. N. and Robena F. Rowland
  5. Rowland, Elizabeth Florence   (b. - d. 27 Nov 1888)
      • daughter of Sam L. and Isabella A. Rowland
  6. Rowland, Infant   (b. 6 Aug 1888 - d. )
      • daughter of S. N. and Robena F. Rowland
  7. Rowland, Isabella A.   (b. 19 Aug 1833 - d. 25 Jan 1885)
      • Wife of Sam L. Rowland, stone broken, lying flat
  8. Rowland, Robena F.   (b. 7 May 1854 - d. 8 Aug 1888)
      • Wife of S. N. Rowland
  9. Rowland, Samuel   (b. 8 Oct 1815 - d. 9 Aug 1880)
      • stone leaning badly

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