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      Location - in Cary, NC at junction of Ten-Ten Road and Penny Road. From US Highway 1 in Cary take Ten-Ten Road (SR 1010) toward the east. Go about 1/2 mile east on Ten-Ten. At the place where Penny Road (SR 1379) forks off to the left, the cemetery is immediately on the left or north side. You need to park at the service station across the road, since there is no place to park at the cemetery.

      Coordinates: 35d 42m 57.0s N; 78d 48m 37.0s W Click here for Google maps

      This cemetery was visited and photographed in November 2004 by Kip Boisot. There are many unmarked graves (some have a small white stone) and about 15 graves with markers.

      Shirley Olson notes: No gate, many large oaks. All the monuments and all but one inscriptions face West. Some large and imposing, some very small. Years ranging from the mid 1800's to the 1990's. All are granite, except one cement casket-like marker which has the headstone reversed, that is, the inscription is on the East side instead of facing West as all the others do. None appear to have sunk.

  1. Flippin, Joyce Beverly   (b. 1943 - d. 1985)
  2. Goldston, Goldia   (b. 1893 - d. 10 Aug 1918)
      • Spouse - David Goldston
  3. Judd, Garland   (b. 1923 - d. 1984)
      • Spouse - Minnie L. Judd. Married 8 Apr 1953. Footstone
  4. Judd, Minnie L.   (b. 1911 - d. 1993)
      • Spouse - Garland Judd. Married 8 Apr 1953
  5. Lyles, James E., Sr.   (b. 31 Mar 1902 - d. 28 Feb 1992)
      • Spouse - Mildred Matthews Lyles. 'At Rest'
  6. Lyles, Mildred Matthews   (b. 5 Apr 1909 - d. 5 Nov 1996)
      • Spouse - James E. Lyles, Sr. 'Mama, I will love you forever. Save a seat for me. James, Jr.'
  7. Matthews, C. W.   (b. 15 Mar 1857 - d. 6 Sep 1935)
  8. Matthews, Celia Byrd   (b. 25 Dec 1857 - d. 18 May 1924)
  9. Matthews, Howard   (b. 29 Apr 1888 - d. 21 Jun 1912)
  10. Smith, Everette Hood   (b. 16 Jun 1922 - d. 3 Jun 1992)
      • Spouse - Laddie Smith. 'Precious Memories'
  11. Smith, Laddie   (b. 28 Aug 1919 - d. )
      • Spouse - Everette Hood Smith. 'Precious Memories'
  12. Smith, Lindsay E.   (b. 15 May 1945 - d. 18 May 1945)
      • Infant
  13. Stark, William B., Jr.   (b. 25 Jan 1949 - d. 4 May 1999)
      • 'Rest in peace'
  14. Winston, Beulah   (b. 1 Sep 1921 - d. 29 Aug 2001)
      • 'The Lord be with you'
  15. Woodard, Latashia D.   (b. 31 Dec 1984 - d. 26 Mar 1993)
      • 'Parents love'

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