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      Location - in the yard at 1472 Airview Dr, Mount Airy.

      Coordinates: 36d 28m 52.7s N; 80d 38m 32.0s W Click here for Google maps

      I was told the cemetery might be close to 1472 Airview Drive, the old Whitlock Homeplace, which is for sale in 2012.

      Cemetery is located in the front yard of a home on Airview Drive. The grave markers have been pulled up and placed flat on the ground over each grave. The owner did not like having upright grave markers in his front yard. The owner does not like unexpected visitors to his cemetery.

      View of cemetery plat from 1977.

  1. Franklin, Martha Whitlock "Mattie"   (b. 23 Sep 1851 - d. 22 Sep 1884)
      • Age 33 - 1st wife of Shadrach Cleveland Franklin, m. 18 Feb 1880 in Surry County, NC - daughter of Charles Matthew Whitlock and Celia Roberts Whitlock.
  2. Roberts, Stephan H.   (b. 10 Dec 1843 - d. 26 Jul 1848)
      • Age 4 - Son of Hugh Roberts and Lucy Patterson Roberts.
  3. Roberts, Thomas Bowles   (b. 25 Nov 1816 - d. 27 Nov 1900)
      • Age 84 - Husband of Nancy Mary Winfrey, m. 28 Mar 1838 in Surry County, NC - son of Pleasant Branch Roberts and Mary Bowles
  4. Whitlock, Celia Roberts   (b. 1 Oct 1811 - d. 19 Jan 1890)
      • Age 78 - Wife of Charles Whitlock (believed to be daughter of Jonathan Rufus Roberts Sr and Nancy "Polly" Davis)
  5. Whitlock, Charles   (b. 23 May 1808 - d. 1 Feb 1885)
      • Age 77 - Husband of Celia Roberts Whitlock, m. 22 Apr 1822 in Surry County, NC
  6. Whitlock, Elizabeth Jane   (b. 1816 - d. 1866)
      • Age 50 - Daughter of Pleasant Branch Roberts and Mary Bowles
  7. Whitlock, James   (b. 8 Jun 1844 - d. 18 Jul 1870)
      • Age 26 - Son of Charles Whitlock and Celia Roberts Whitlock

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