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      Location - Corner of Old Toast Rd (SR 1389) and Maple Drive (SR 1367), Mt. Airy, Surry Co., NC.

      Coordinates: 36d 29m 55.4s N; 80d 37m 41.5s W Click here for Google maps

      Directions: From intersection of US Hwy 52 N and NC Hwy 89 W (W. Pine St) in Mt. Airy, go west on W. Pine St for 0.7 mile to the stoplight in Toast community. Then turn left on S. Franklin Rd and go one block and turn left on Old Toast Rd. Go about 0.25 mile and turn right on Maple Drive. Church and cemetery are on the left.

      View #2 of the cemetery. View of the Old Hollow Primitive Baptist Church. View of the Stewart's Creek Primitive Baptist Church. View of the Stewart's Creek Primitive Baptist Church.

      Surveyed by Andy Hennis on April 6, 2006.

      Also known as:  Stewart's Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery.
      Township or district:  Mt. Airy.
      Public or Private:  Public Access.
      GPS Accuracy (ft.):  15.
      Elevation above sea level (ft.):  1085.

      Please do not copy this data and post to other cemetery sites. While birth and death dates are facts and can't be copyrighted, you should give reference to sources of the data. Any photos provided "ARE" copyrighted so don't copy or use them without the owner's permission.

      This was a full and complete survey of burials on several visits in the month of May 2010. Photos of the graves and an update of some new burials were completed in January 2012. The survey started at the northwest corner next to the church and worked in a zig-zag fashion to the back of the cemetery below the church. The portion nearest the church building has several (more than 30) 1' X 2' flat smooth granite markers (no data) probably for known older burials. There were many ground depressions suggesting old burials and numerous rough granite posts and headstones without data most of which are not included. Although most graves are by rows, actual burials are very haphazard and don't follow clear lines.

      The cemetery has a horseshoe road around it and those below the horseshoe are labeled BC (below the church) and the others to the right of the horseshoe (at the bottom of the horseshoe facing the back of the church) are labeled as RC. They are not shown in rows since they were documented at random. Graves identified with an "X" are for burials from death records but the grave was not found. Also included are names of parents or spouses, if they could be obtained from public records. Some names and dates are shown even if the grave only had initials or only showed the year. As with any research, if you notice factual errors please send me an email for a correction. Some names are spelled different in marriage and death records such as Hodge/Hodges, Adkins/Atkins, Laster/Lassiter, etc.

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  1. Waddell, Bane Moore   (b. 10 Oct 1887 - d. 17 Jun 1964)
      • Row-RC. Wife of Jake Waddell - b. VA and Daughter of Thomas Moore and Elizabeth Snow
  2. Wagoner, Betty Marie Spencer   (b. 28 Sep 1937 - d. )
      • Row-RC. Wife of Jimmy Wayne Wagoner - Daughter of Patrick Spencer and Annie Freeman
  3. Wagoner, E. W.   (b. 18 May 1925 - d. 2 Feb 1990)
      • Row-RC.
  4. Wagoner, Infant   (b. 6 Jun 1910 - d. 6 Jun 1910)
      • Row-X, No-X. Son of Ed Wagoner and Delia Easley or Bosley
  5. Wagoner, Jesse Wilburn   (b. 2 Jul 1923 - d. 18 Feb 1990)
      • Row-RC. Single Son of unknown and Vinnie Wagoner - only had metal funeral stake as marker
  6. Wagoner, Jimmy Wayne   (b. 3 Feb 1940 - d. 29 Jan 1973)
      • Row-RC. Husband of Betty Marie Spencer, m. 26 Oct 1959 - Son of John Henry Wagoner and Ethel Harrell
  7. Wall, Gabrial Francis   (b. 4 Sep 1875 - d. 24 Jan 1923)
      • Row-20, No-18. Husband of Mary Letitia Cornwell, m. 29 Dec 1897 - Son of Russell F. Wall and Elizabeth Ann Reid
  8. Wall, Mary Letitia Cornwell   (b. 1879 - d. 1931)
      • Row-20, No-17. Wife of Gabrial Francis Wall - Daughter of Francis Marion Cornwell and Mary Hall
  9. Wall, Vera G.   (b. 16 Apr 1911 - d. 13 Feb 1996)
  10. Watson, Pinkney W.   (b. 16 Jun 1870 - d. 16 May 1952)
      • Row-15, No-04. Husband of 1) Celia A. Mosley, m. 12 Feb 1893, 2) Maggie Lee Bostic, m. 8 Apr 1920, and 3) Martha Florence Cockerham Medley, m. 16 Jun 1941 - Son of Columbus Watson and Harriett Zigler - Watson Monument.
  11. Watson, Ruth S.   (b. 22 Oct 1843 - d. )
      • Row-11, No-07. Wife of Joseph M. Watson (stone broken and can't read DOD, but d. bet. 1881-1900) - Joseph b. 1842 in Ohio
  12. Whitaker, Carlyle   (b. 13 May 1914 - d. 17 Jun 1943)
      • Row-26, No-01. Son of Charles Temple Whitaker and Mary Jane Carlyle (both of whom are buried in Carthage, Moore Co, NC) - Foot markers are bricks with his name on them
  13. Whitaker, Walter G.   (b. 1880 - d. 9 Dec 1922)
      • Row-X, No-X. Husband of Rosa Mae Long, m. 5 Oct 1902 - b. Carroll Co, VA and Son of Christine Whitaker
  14. White, Clyde W.   (b. 7 Feb 1913 - d. 16 Apr 1913)
      • Row-10, No-20. Son of Samuel White and Nannie Edwards
  15. White, Infant   (b. Mar 1905 - d. Mar 1905)
      • Row-10, No-18. Daughter of Samuel White and Nannie Edwards
  16. White, Infant   (b. Jun 1907 - d. Jun 1907)
      • Row-10, No-19. Son of Samuel White and Nannie Edwards
  17. White, Nannie Edwards   (b. 26 Jun 1872 - d. 7 Jun 1968)
      • Row-10, No-21. Wife of Samuel Jackson White - Daughter of Floyd Edwards and Evaline Gardner - White Monument.
  18. White, Samuel Jackson   (b. 24 Jul 1881 - d. 1 Mar 1971)
      • Row-10, No-22. Husband of Nannie Edwards, m. 10 Nov 1901 - was an Elder of the church and Son of John William White and Millie Lawson - White Monument.
  19. Willard, Sallie N. Orander   (b. 29 May 1870 - d. 12 Jul 1926)
      • Row-26, No-06. Wife of Thomas Willard - b. Patrick Co, VA and Daughter of John Orander and Elizabeth Green
  20. Willard, Thomas   (b. 1840 - d. 18 Apr 1928)
      • Row-26, No-05. Husband of 1) unknown and 2) Sallie N. Orander, m. 19 Dec 1901 in Patrick Co, VA, and 3) Mary Tolbert, m. 6 Aug 1927 (he age 87 and she 40) - b. Patrick Co, VA and Son of Allen Willard and Fannie Hone
  21. Williams, Robert   (b. 14 Dec 1894 - d. 3 Oct 1970)
      • Row-RC. DOB missing, but taken from death record - grave has "b. in England and approx 70 yrs of age - no survivors" - died in Sanford, Lee County, NC
  22. Wilson, Axie Blizzard Coe Hicks   (b. 18 Oct 1881 - d. 18 Apr 1967)
      • Row-22, No-07. Wife of 1) James C. Coe, m. 1 Feb 1899 and 2) Chester Arthur Hicks, m. 29 May 1909, 3) James E. Wilson (after 1928) - b. Wilkes Co, NC and Daughter of Jeffrey and Jennetta Blizzard.
  23. Wilson, Caleb. F.   (b. 15 Apr 1846 - d. 15 Jun 1907)
      • Row-15, No-01. Husband of Kitsie Slate Wilson. Son of Jackson F. Wilson and Rebecca Wilson.
  24. Wilson, Dorothy Mae   (b. 29 Jan 1933 - d. 1 Feb 1933)
      • Row-15, No-14. Daughter of Joseph Wilson and Cora Smith
  25. Wilson, Ella May Hunter   (b. 9 Jun 1948 - d. 3 Jun 2004)
      • Row-RC. Wife of J. C. Wilson - Daughter of Walter Alvin Hunter and Myrtle Alene Sawyers - Metal funeral home marker only
  26. Wilson, Frankie Dean Chappell   (b. 27 Jul 1935 - d. 16 Jun 1975)
      • Row-RC. Wife of J. C. Wilson - Daughter of William Chappell and Goldie Allen
  27. Wilson, Infant   (b. 16 May 1927 - d. 16 May 1927)
      • Row-X, No-X. Son of of Joseph Wilson and Cora Smith
  28. Wilson, J. C.   (b. 16 Oct 1931 - d. )
      • Row-RC. Husband of 1) Frankie Dean Chappell and 2) Ella May Hunter
  29. Wilson, Judy Carol McCormick   (b. 1 Mar 1948 - d. 22 Apr 1985)
      • Row-24, No-02. Wife of 1) Glenn Edward Sawyers and 2) unknown Wilson - Daughter of Henry Lee McCormick and Virginia Alice Anderson (unknown if two sons Jimmy and Michael are buried with her)
  30. Wilson, Julian Roger   (b. 16 Dec 1907 - d. 2 Jul 1979)
      • Row-27, No-16. Husband of Louise Ball - b. Atlanta, GA and Son of Noah Wilson and Minnie M. Chapman
  31. Wilson, Kitsie Slate   (b. 28 Mar 1858 - d. 28 May 1921)
      • Row-15, No-02. Wife of Caleb. F. Wilson
  32. Wilson, Louise Ball   (b. 20 Mar 1916 - d. )
      • Row-27, No-15. Wife of Julian Roger Wilson - no DOD
  33. Wilson, Mary Helen   (b. 24 Dec 1925 - d. 24 Feb 1926)
      • Row-15, No-12. Daughter of Joseph Wilson and Cora Smith
  34. Wilson, Virginia   (b. 16 May 1927 - d. 16 May 1927)
      • Row-15, No-11. Daughter of Joseph Wilson and Cora Smith
  35. Wood, Earl Roosevelt   (b. 30 Oct 1932 - d. 21 Feb 1987)
      • Row-23, No-28. Son of Henry Wood and Mabel Gundy Anderson - DOB not on grave but taken from death record - Age 54

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