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      Location - Corner of Old Toast Rd (SR 1389) and Maple Drive (SR 1367), Mt. Airy, Surry Co., NC.

      Coordinates: 36d 29m 55.4s N; 80d 37m 41.5s W Click here for Google maps

      Directions: From intersection of US Hwy 52 N and NC Hwy 89 W (W. Pine St) in Mt. Airy, go west on W. Pine St for 0.7 mile to the stoplight in Toast community. Then turn left on S. Franklin Rd and go one block and turn left on Old Toast Rd. Go about 0.25 mile and turn right on Maple Drive. Church and cemetery are on the left.

      View #2 of the cemetery. View of the Old Hollow Primitive Baptist Church. View of the Stewart's Creek Primitive Baptist Church. View of the Stewart's Creek Primitive Baptist Church.

      Surveyed by Andy Hennis on April 6, 2006.

      Also known as:  Stewart's Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery.
      Township or district:  Mt. Airy.
      Public or Private:  Public Access.
      GPS Accuracy (ft.):  15.
      Elevation above sea level (ft.):  1085.

      Please do not copy this data and post to other cemetery sites. While birth and death dates are facts and can't be copyrighted, you should give reference to sources of the data. Any photos provided "ARE" copyrighted so don't copy or use them without the owner's permission.

      This was a full and complete survey of burials on several visits in the month of May 2010. Photos of the graves and an update of some new burials were completed in January 2012. The survey started at the northwest corner next to the church and worked in a zig-zag fashion to the back of the cemetery below the church. The portion nearest the church building has several (more than 30) 1' X 2' flat smooth granite markers (no data) probably for known older burials. There were many ground depressions suggesting old burials and numerous rough granite posts and headstones without data most of which are not included. Although most graves are by rows, actual burials are very haphazard and don't follow clear lines.

      The cemetery has a horseshoe road around it and those below the horseshoe are labeled BC (below the church) and the others to the right of the horseshoe (at the bottom of the horseshoe facing the back of the church) are labeled as RC. They are not shown in rows since they were documented at random. Graves identified with an "X" are for burials from death records but the grave was not found. Also included are names of parents or spouses, if they could be obtained from public records. Some names and dates are shown even if the grave only had initials or only showed the year. As with any research, if you notice factual errors please send me an email for a correction. Some names are spelled different in marriage and death records such as Hodge/Hodges, Adkins/Atkins, Laster/Lassiter, etc.

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  1. Adams, Joel Sanford   (b. 23 Aug 1844 - d. 20 Aug 1917)
      • Row-X, No-X. Husband of 1) Martha Rebecca Hurt, m. 3 Oct 1868 and 2) Fannie Hollingsworth, m. 18 Nov 1902 - Son of Thurman (or Freeman) Adams and Andarella Woodruff
  2. Akers, Dovie Edwards   (b. 28 Aug 1924 - d. 15 Aug 2004)
      • Row-RC. Wife of Lonnie Eldridge Akers - b. Carroll Co, VA and Daughter of Eldridge Edwards and Minnie Bowman
  3. Akers, Elvy P. Sandifer   (b. 12 Mar 1886 - d. 20 Sep 1969)
      • Row-24, No-01. Wife of William Albert Akers, m. 26 Jun 1905 in Carroll Co. VA - Daughter of George W. and Rena Sandifer
  4. Akers, Floyd John   (b. 15 Dec 1860 - d. 27 May 1943)
      • Row-29, No-26. Husband of Roxie Bradley (dates per death record - grave has 1861-1943) - b. Carroll Co, VA and Son of Archibald Akers and Martha DeHaven
  5. Akers, Roxie Bradley   (b. 2 Oct 1873 - d. 17 Dec 1936)
      • Row-29, No-25. Wife of Floyd J. Akers - Daughter of Thomas Bradley and Jacky Shadrick (dates per death record - grave has 1874-1937)
  6. Alderman, Jewel C.   (b. 10 May 1943 - d. 27 Oct 1943)
      • Row-33, No-05.
  7. Amburn, Infant   (b. 13 Aug 1926 - d. 13 Aug 1926)
      • Row-X, No-X. Son of Ernest Amburn and Pearl Marion
  8. Anderson, Alice Fay   (b. 13 Jan 1952 - d. )
      • Row-RC. Daughter of Clyde Robert Anderson and Mary Elizabeth "Mae" Jennings
  9. Anderson, Bobby Ray   (b. 23 Jun 1949 - d. )
      • Row-RC. Son of Clyde Robert Anderson and Mary Elizabeth "Mae" Jennings
  10. Anderson, Cora Payne   (b. 23 Nov 1884 - d. 13 Feb 1950)
      • Row-23, No-34. Wife of William Matthew Anderson - Daughter of Zack and Charlotte Payne - Anderson Monument.
  11. Anderson, Mabel Gordy Wood   (b. 20 Nov 1906 - d. 19 Nov 1976)
      • Row-23, No-32. Wife of 1) Henry Wood and 2) Charles Anderson - Daughter of Shug Garnet Gordy and Lummie Wood - Anderson Monument.
  12. Anderson, Raymond   (b. 7 Jul 1924 - d. 19 Sep 1924)
      • Row-X, No-X. Son of William Matthew Anderson and Cora Payne (death record father's name as "Madison" Anderson)
  13. Anderson, William Matthew   (b. 17 Aug 1888 - d. 18 Feb 1967)
      • Row-23, No-33. Husband of Cora Payne - Son of Thomas Anderson and Elizabeth Blackburn - Anderson Monument.
  14. Angel, Billy Gray   (b. 2 Dec 1940 - d. 22 Sep 1986)
      • Row-14, No-23. Son of Willie Angel and Sarah Alice McMillian
  15. Angel, Dwain   (b. 9 Mar 1935 - d. 4 Dec 1994)
      • Row-14, No-20. Son of Willie Angel and Sarah Alice McMillian
  16. Angel, Jesse Tinsley   (b. 23 Oct 1901 - d. 23 Jan 1970)
      • Row-BC. Son of Franklin Angel and Ida Harris - Pvt, US Army, WW-I
  17. Angel, Sarah Alice McMillian   (b. 27 Jan 1913 - d. 26 Jul 1987)
      • Row-14, No-22. Wife of Willie Angel - Daughter of John W. McMillian and Rhoda Burcham
  18. Angel, Willie   (b. 6 May 1909 - d. 1 Apr 1995)
      • Row-14, No-21. Husband of Sarah Alice McMillian - Son of Frank Angel and Ida Harris
  19. Anthony, Kizzie Ball   (b. 7 Jan 1866 - d. 14 Mar 1933)
      • Row-27, No-20. Wife of Lewis Anthony, m. 19 Sep 1902 - parents unknown
  20. Ashburn, Clyde   (b. 11 Dec 1914 - d. 1 Aug 1915)
      • Row-X, No-X. Son of Early Ashburn and Rosella Simmons
  21. Ashburn, Henry Clay   (b. 17 Dec 1924 - d. 15 Jan 1925)
      • Row-X, No-X. Son of George Washington Ashburn and Hallie Hardy
  22. Ashburn, Infant   (b. 1 Aug 1928 - d. 1 Aug 1928)
      • Row-X, No-X. Son of George Washington Ashburn and Hallie Hardy
  23. Ashburn, Infant   (b. 5 Jan 1926 - d. 5 Jan 1926)
      • Row-X, No-X. Son of Robert Lee Ashburn and Lillie Emma Wilson
  24. Ashburn, Loudene   (b. 3 Jul 1920 - d. 25 Jul 1925)
      • Row-X, No-X. Daughter of John Samuel Ashburn and Ida Mae Ashburn
  25. Ashburn, Lucinda A. "Lucy" Bennett   (b. 30 Jan 1854 - d. 19 Feb 1934)
      • Row-26, No-30. Wife of William G. Ashburn - Daughter of Thomas Bennett and Permelia Whitaker
  26. Ashburn, Rickey Lee   (b. 5 Mar 1966 - d. 12 Apr 1972)
      • Row-RC. Son of Cecil Ashburn and Loretta Osborne
  27. Ashburn, William G.   (b. 29 Sep 1860 - d. 30 Jul 1940)
      • Row-26, No-29. Husband of 1) Lucinda Bennett, m. 9 Oct 1881 and 2) Mary Wood- Son of William A. Ashburn and Mary Jane Flinchum
  28. Ashburn, William Morton   (b. 1 Feb 1931 - d. 9 Feb 1931)
      • Row-12, No-06. Son of Luther Augusta Ashburn and Beatrice H. Morgan
  29. Atkins, Hannah Love   (b. 27 Feb 1835 - d. 27 Jul 1924)
      • Row-20, No-15. Wife of Hauze Atkins
  30. Atkins, Hauze   (b. 9 Nov 1833 - d. 21 Mar 1910)
      • Row-20, No-16. Husband of Hannah Love, m. 14 May 1852
  31. Atwood, Celia C. Hull Gwyn   (b. 11 May 1858 - d. 17 Nov 1934)
      • Row-20, No-20. Wife of 1) William J. Gwyn, m. 20 Mar 1885 and 2) William H. Atwood, m. 13 Jul 1898 - Daughter of Edward Hull and Sarah Dunigan
  32. Ayers, Claudine P.   (b. 1949 - d. )
      • Row-BC.
  33. Ayers, Commodore Dewey   (b. 5 Feb 1899 - d. 8 May 1988)
      • Row-12, No-17. Husband of 1) Frances Thomas and 2) Faye Burgess - b. Carroll Co, VA and Son of James Ayers and Aletha Haynes
  34. Ayers, Floyd McKinley   (b. 31 Oct 1908 - d. 10 May 1989)
      • Row-29, No-27. Husband of Ossie Bell Gwyn Whitaker - b. Carroll Co. VA and Son of Alex Ayers and Ann Gwyn
  35. Ayers, Frances Thomas   (b. 25 Jun 1897 - d. 6 Jan 1953)
      • Row-12, No-16. Wife of Commodore Dewey Ayers - Daughter of George W. Thomas and Alice Towe
  36. Ayers, George   (b. 4 Mar 1929 - d. 21 Apr 1987)
      • Row-RC. Son of Edgar Ayers and Frances Gwyn
  37. Ayers, Infant   (b. 1 Dec 1923 - d. 1 Dec 1923)
      • Row-24, No-07. Son of Joshua Ayers and Bessie Yokley
  38. Ayers, Michael Jerry   (b. 30 Aug 1962 - d. 15 Jan 1982)
      • Row-29, No-28. Son of Floyd McKinley Ayers and Ossie Bell Gwyn Whitaker
  39. Ayers, Ossie Bell Gwyn Whitaker   (b. 12 Nov 1920 - d. 20 Jul 2004)
      • Row-29, No-29. Wife of 1) Henderson Carlyle Whitaker Sr, m. 15 Jan 1940 and 2) Floyd McKinley Ayers - Daughter of James Gwyn and Maggie Ayers
  40. Ayers, Raymond Edward   (b. 24 Nov 1941 - d. 9 Jun 1993)
      • Row-BC. Husband of Pattie Rosetta Quesinberry - b. Patrick Co, VA and Son of Matthew Ayers and Goldie Dean Allen
  41. Ayers, Troy Foy   (b. 30 Jul 1944 - d. 15 Dec 2000)
      • Row-BC. Husband of Claudine Puckett - Son of Matt Ayers and Goldie Dean Ayers Chappell - DOD on stone missing, but was on metal funeral marker

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