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      Location - Off W. Imogene Ch Rd, Mt. Airy, Surry Co., NC.

      Coordinates: 36d 32m 38.8s N; 80d 43m 39.6s W Click here for Google maps

      Directions: From intersection of US Hwy 52 and NC Hwy 89 West (W. Pine St) in Mt. Airy, go .7 mile to the stoplight in Toast and turn right on North Franklin Rd. Going north on North Franklin Rd take the first left on Piper's Gap Rd. Follow Piper's Gap Rd for 5.25 miles and turn left on Sparger Rd (in a curve). After turning on Sparger Rd, take the first right on Imogene Church Rd (SR 1623) and go 1.1 miles, then turn left on West Imogene Church Rd (SR 1602) and go .9 miles and turn left on a dirt road which is directly across from Clyde Hayes Rd. You will see a locked double gate in front of you. Park at the gate and walk down the dirt road (about 600 yards from W. Imogene Church Rd), bearing left at forks, to the cemetery on the left.

      Surveyed by Andy Hennis on July 1, 2006.
      Township or district:  Stewart's Creek.
      Public or Private:  Private property.
      GPS Accuracy (ft.):  11.
      Elevation above sea level (ft.):  1290.
      Surry County Parcel Number:  4092-00-21-7601.

      An older photoograph of the cemetery by Wilma Hiatt.

  1. Golding, Admas Grover Cleveland   (b. 29 May 1890 - d. 8 Dec 1962)
      • Masonic emblem. (his name is misspelled as: Golden)
  2. Golding, Cleave Frost   (b. 19 Jan 1923 - d. 23 Jan 1923)
      • Infant son of S.F. and M.E. Golding
  3. Golding, Hansell   (b. 24 ??? 1822 - d. 1 May 1899)
  4. Golding, Harvey William   (b. 30 Nov 1913 - d. 3 Jan 1997)
  5. Golding, Infant   (b. Jan 1900 - d. Jan 1900)
      • infant son of S.F. and M.E. Golding
  6. Golding, Infant   (b. Apr 1904 - d. Apr 1904)
      • infant daughter of S.F. and M.E. Golding
  7. Golding, Infant   (b. Apr 1902 - d. Apr 1902)
      • infant son of S.F. and M.E. Golding
  8. Golding, Martha Elizabeth Carson   (b. 21 Apr 1882 - d. 18 Jan 1981)
      • Wife of Squire Franklin Golding
  9. Golding, Mary Ann Beamer   (b. 30 Mar 1848 - d. Jun 1909)
      • Wife of Reuben Golding. (day is missing on death date)
  10. Golding, Reuben   (b. 1847 - d. 10 Feb 1890)
      • Husband of Mary Ann Beamer Golding
  11. Golding, Reuben F.   (b. 7 Dec 1886 - d. 24 Mar 1926)
      • Husband of Lear Golding. "Served in U.S. Army in France 11 mo's and 15 days. Was honorably discharged from U.S. Army Sept. 6th, 1919"
  12. Golding, Ruben   (b. 28 Feb 1912 - d. 15 Dec 1948)
      • son of Squire Franklin and Martha Elizabeth Golding
  13. Golding, Squire Franklin (S.F.)   (b. 27 Apr 1878 - d. 4 Nov 1966)
      • Husband of Martha Elizabeth Carson Golding
  14. Hill, Timothy J.   (b. 6 Jan 1961 - d. 28 Sep 1996)
      • son-in-law of Clyde Joseph and Mamie Pelba Golding Ramey. "Beloved Husband, father, brother and son"
  15. Ramey, Clyde Joseph   (b. 8 Feb 1915 - d. 24 Jul 2000)
      • PFC US Army, WW-II
  16. Ramey, Mamie Pelba Golding   (b. 15 Dec 1916 - d. 14 Apr 1996)
      • Wife of Clyde Joseph Ramey. daughter of Squire Franklin and Martha Elizabeth Golding.

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