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      Location - Off Siloam/River Run Rd, Siloam, Surry Co., NC.

      Coordinates: 36d 17m 27.5s N; 80d 36m 49.3s W Click here for Google maps

      Directions: From intersection of Siloam Rd and Siloam/River Run Rd in Siloam at the Yadkin River, go West on Siloam/River Run Rd for 3.1 miles. After you pass a road sign for Crissman Farm Rd on the left, the entrance to the cemetery will be a small dirt road to the left without a name. Turn left and go .2 miles and cemetery is on the right where the gravel road turns to the left.

      Another view of the cemetery.

      Surveyed by Bob Carter on May 6, 2006 and again in March 2012 with photos of all graves.

      Also known as: Albert Crissman Cemetery.
      Township or district: Siloam.
      Public or Private: Private property.
      Elevation above sea level (ft.): 970.
      Status of cemetery: Was transitioning to abandonment in 2006, but has been cleaned of brush and appears to be maintained as of March 2012.

      Cemetery is fenced in and has been taken care of in the past. Civil War Confederate soldier Henry Clay Whitaker is buried there.

  1. Crissman, Aaron   (b. 1814 - d. Bef 1900)
      • Husband of 1) Mary Elizabeth Kelly and 2) Nancy Elizabeth Key - Son of Charles A. Crissman and Susannah M. Carter (both of Philadelphia, PA). Aaron's grave was not found, but is buried here based on family records
  2. Crissman, Albert   (b. 24 Apr 1847 - d. 14 Jan 1917)
      • Husband of 1) Manda Elizabeth Jefferson, m. 21 Aug 1870 in Surry and 2) Rebecca Salena Whitaker, m. 6 Nov 1890 in Surry - Son of Aaron Crissman and Mary Elizabeth Kelly
  3. Crissman, Annette Carroll (Nettie)   (b. 6 Nov 1845 - d. 1864)
      • Daughter of Aaron Crissman and Mary Elizabeth Kelly - Footstone.
  4. Crissman, Charles L.   (b. 28 Jan 1842 - d. 6 Aug 1859)
      • Son of Aaron Crissman and Mary Elizabeth Kelly - age 17 yrs, 2 mos, 8 days
  5. Crissman, Dabney S.   (b. 27 Nov 1848 - d. 23 Jun 1935)
      • Husband of Elizabeth Caroline McKaughan - Son of Aaron Crissman and Mary Elizabeth Kelly
  6. Crissman, Esther Caroline McKaughan   (b. 31 Jan 1853 - d. 26 Feb 1923)
      • Wife of Dabney S. Crissman - Daughter of Jesse Alfred McKaughan and Esther Mae Idol
  7. Crissman, Esther May   (b. 16 Apr 1906 - d. 12 Sep 1906)
      • Daughter of Charles Edgar Crissman and Ollie Augusta Huff
  8. Crissman, Finney Estelle   (b. 23 Jul 1923 - d. 10 Jul 1925)
      • Daughter of Sandy Virgil Crissman and 2nd Wife Martha Carrie Shore
  9. Crissman, Infant   (b. 5 Sep 1886 - d. 5 Sep 1886)
      • Daughter of Albert Crissman and Manda Elizabeth Jefferson
  10. Crissman, Infant   (b. 2 Feb 1919 - d. 2 Feb 1919)
      • Daughter of Sandy Virgil Crissman and first Wife Gennie Ellen Bowman
  11. Crissman, Jennie Eller   (b. 5 Jan 1890 - d. 4 Jun 1890)
      • Daughter of Albert Crissman and Manda Elizabeth Jefferson - shows only J. E. C.
  12. Crissman, John Calvin   (b. 2 Aug 1879 - d. 12 Jun 1903)
      • Son of Albert Crissman and Manda Elizabeth Jefferson - age 23yrs, 10 mos, 15 days
  13. Crissman, Laura May   (b. 16 Sep 1876 - d. 29 Apr 1878)
      • Daughter of Dabney S. Crissman and Esther Caroline McKaughan
  14. Crissman, Manda Elizabeth Jefferson   (b. 28 Dec 1852 - d. 30 Jan 1890)
      • 1st Wife of Albert Crissman - her parents unknown - census show was from KY
  15. Crissman, Mary Elizabeth Kelly   (b. 6 Jun 1817 - d. 25 Sep 1869)
      • 1st Wife of Aaron Crissman - her parents unknown
  16. Crissman, Rebecca Salena Whitaker   (b. 4 Mar 1854 - d. 17 Jun 1930)
      • 2nd Wife of Albert Crissman - Daughter of Silas Whitaker and Julila Shore - erected by son Sandy Virgil Crissman
  17. Crissman, Roy Junior   (b. 17 Jan 1937 - d. 29 Nov 1988)
      • Son of Rufus Burley Crissman and 2nd Wife Lillie Mae Pendry - A1C US Air Force Military Marker.
  18. Reeves, Letha Ann Crissman   (b. 26 Jan 1897 - d. 14 Jan 1981)
      • Wife of Howard Samuel Reeves - Daughter of Albert Crissman and Rebecca Salena Whitaker
  19. Unknown, ??   (b. - d. )
      • Six granite head and foot posts of burials without names
  20. Whitaker, Henry Clay   (b. 31 Jul 1844 - d. 26 Dec 1915)
      • Civil War Veteran and died in Cameron, Moore County, NC - was Husband of 1) Martha E. Tate, m. 1 Dec 1870 in Surry and 2) Laura Jane McKaughan, m. 26 Dec 1875 in Surry (Laura was a sister to Esther Caroline McKaughan)

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