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129    BOYKIN FAMILY (Parkersburg)

      Location - on Hwy 411 about 1.5 miles from Boykin Bridge Rd.

      Coordinates: 34d 48m 43.4s N; 78d 24m 17.7s W Click here for Google maps

      Directions: From Clinton take Boykin Bridge Road (SR-1214) to McDaniel Crossroads turn left on Hwy 411 go about 1.5 miles and the cemetery will be on the right.

      Survey compiled by Bradley Lee West and published in 2004. Updates by Sandra Spearman in 2013.

  1. Anders, Nathan   (b. 28 Feb 1943 - d. 18 Aug 2005)
      • Husband of Sudie Boykin Anders
  2. Boykin, Arthur Lee   (b. 1927 - d. 1982)
  3. Boykin, Chevis E., Sr.   (b. 15 Apr 1924 - d. 13 Sep 1985)
      • Husband of Louise Boone Boykin. Tec-5 US Army WW-II
  4. Boykin, Gladys M.   (b. 12 Jun 1924 - d. 9 Apr 1977)
  5. Boykin, Howard   (b. 1990 - d. 1990)
  6. Boykin, Jane Patricia   (b. 21 Nov 1955 - d. 7 Mar 1957)
      • Daughter of Chevis E. Boykin, Sr. and Louise Boone Boykin
  7. Boykin, Johnny Lee   (b. - d. )
      • Thought to be buried here.
  8. Boykin, L. J. Chig   (b. 1889 - d. 1976)
  9. Boykin, Louise Boone   (b. Abt 1923 - d. 23 Mar 2013)
      • Age 89. Wife of Chevis E. Boykin, Sr. Mother of Sandra Spearman, Janice, Myrtle, Johnnie Boone, Chevis, Lasalle, Dan and Larry.
  10. Boykin, Mary Louise   (b. Abt 1955 - d. 24 May 2011)
      • Wife of Chevis E. Boykin, Jr. Daughters: Stephanie Harris, Flecisa, Patricia.
  11. Boykin, Sadie P.   (b. 6 Sep 1911 - d. 29 Feb 1992)
  12. Crenshaw, Lula Gray   (b. 15 Dec 1946 - d. 27 Jul 2011)
      • Age 64. Daughter of Lula Boykin Crenshaw (she buried at Garland Community cemetery). Mother of Harlan Crenshaw. A past chairwoman of the Cumberland County Democratic Party. Ms. Crenshaw was the face of the Fayetteville/Cumberland County Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Committee.
  13. Powell, Ashley   (b. 6 Apr 1920 - d. 15 May 1987)
      • PFC US Army WW-II

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