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      Location - off Love Kids Lane and off Microwave Tower Rd.

      Directions: From Roseboro take Hwy 343 South to Butler Island Road go about 2 miles, turn right onto Microwave Tower Road (SR-1254) for about 0.5 miles and turn left onto Love Kids Lane. Follow this road passing the old house and barn at cemetery #190, go on around the field until it forks and take the path to the left. When it comes to a dead end walk out into the left for about 25 yards until reaching an iron fence encircling a large area.

      Survey compiled by Bradley Lee West and published in 2004.

  1. Batchelor, Jarvis G.   (b. 20 Jul 1884 - d. 8 Dec 1948)
  2. Batchelor, Romelia L.   (b. 18 Dec 1895 - d. 17 Feb 1937)
  3. Lucas, Jacob L. S.   (b. - d. )
      • Son of Martha Lucas.
  4. Lucas, James   (b. - d. 12 Apr 1912)
      • Age 90 years.
  5. Lucas, Jasper H.   (b. 28 Oct 1857 - d. 3 Feb 1935)
  6. Lucas, Marom Tuttle   (b. - d. )
      • Son of J. H. and T. L. Lucas.
  7. Lucas, Martha A.   (b. - d. 26 Feb 1825)
      • Age 59 years.
  8. Lucas, Theodocia L.   (b. 20 Jul 1876 - d. 25 Aug 1906)
      • Wife of Jasper H. Lucas.

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