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      Location - on Lee Layne Rd north of Old Siler City Rd on the Burgess Farm near Ramseur.

      Coordinates: 35d 42m 57.0s N; 79d 36m 44.0s W Click here for Google maps

      Directions: From Ramseur, NC drive south on Hwy 22, approx. 2 miles. Turn left onto the Old Siler City Road, (SR-2642). Travel approx. 1.5 miles, turn left onto Lee Layne Road (SR-2626). Travel approx. 1 mile, crossing Millstone Creek. The Burgess farm is on the left. The cemetery is in a grove of trees in the northern fringe of the cow pasture.

      The cemetery is in a grove of trees in the northern fringe of the Burgess farm cow pasture. It is presumed that all stones have been trampled and broken by cows since a visit in 1996.

      The survey was compiled by Bonnie Parks on 10 Mar 1996 from tombstone inscriptions and photographs. This information was confirmed by the Randolph Co. Historical Society Journal, Spring 1996, Vol. XX, No 1, page 53, article titled Parks-Stout Cemetery. Photographs by Bonnie Parks.

  1. Brooks, Eli Benton, II   (b. 15 Sep 1861 - d. 12 Dec 1862)
      • Row 5. Son of Eli Brooks and Mary Jane Parks Brooks
  2. Brooks, Thomas, Jr.   (b. 23 Aug 1839 - d. 20 Jan 1865)
      • Son of Thomas Brooks and M Brooks
  3. Brooks, Thomas, Sr.   (b. 12 Mar 1804 - d. 5 Apr 1870)
  4. Parks, Ambus B.   (b. 22 Dec 1806 - d. 11 Oct 1821)
      • Son of Thomas B. Parks and Anna Cheeks Parks.
  5. Parks, Anna Cheeks   (b. 10 Feb 1774 - d. 17 Jan 1849)
      • Wife of Thomas B. Parks. In memory of. Daughter of Randolph Cheeks, was married abt 1795 to Thomas Parks. They resided at Parks Crossroads, Randolph Co., NC and had 8 children: John, Milly, Fields, Joab, Ambus, Henry, George Washington and Lydia.
  6. Parks, Henry   (b. Jul 1833 - d. 18 May 1845)
      • Row 2
  7. Parks, Lydia M.   (b. 21 Aug 1817 - d. 11 Jul 1821)
      • Lydia was the infant daughter and youngest child of Thomas and Anna Cheek Parks. Her brother, Ambus, died 3 months later giving speculation to communicable disease.
  8. Parks, Samuel   (b. 1740 - d. 1788)
      • Samuel Parks is listed as an American Revolution Patriot serving North Carolina. The record states that he 'rendered aid'. His wife was Mary Vaughn, daughter of James and Mary Vaughn of Orange Co., NC.
  9. Parks, Thomas B.   (b. Abt 1777 - d. 18 May 1852)
      • Row 3. 74 years. Thomas B Parks was born in Guilford Co., North Carolina in 1778. I believe that his middle name could be Branson because that name was used repeatedly throughout several more generations.
        Thomas was the son of Samuel Parks and Mary 'Polly' Vaughn of Orange Co., North Carolina.
        Thomas married Anna Cheek in 1795 and they made their home in Randolph Co., North Carolina. The Parks Homestead was located near Ramseur and Siler City in Randolph County. The area later became known as Parks Crossroads because of all the Parks families and the intersection of 5 roads. It once had a post office called Cape, NC. Today, the Post Office is gone and the area is still called Parks Crossroads.
        Thomas and Anna had 8 children: John, Milly, Fields, Joab, Ambus, Henry, George Washington and Lydia.
  10. Parks, William C.   (b. 2 Feb 1836 - d. 12 Aug 1862)
      • Row 4. Son of George Washington Parks and Malinda Stout Parks. He died in the service of his country. None knew him but to love him, Sweet be thy rest young Southern Cavalier, upon thy grave to place a budding flower with tears of sorrow"
  11. Rains, Infant   (b. 17 Oct 1820 - d. 24 Jul 1821)
      • Daughter of William R Rains and Milly Parks Rains
  12. Siler, Amelia Ann   (b. 28 May 1852 - d. 28 Nov 1862)
      • Daughter of Orren C Siler and America Siler. Sister of John Randolph Siler.
  13. Siler, John Randolph   (b. 27 Jan 1857 - d. 30 Nov 1862)
      • Row 1. Son of Orren C Siler and America Siler. Brother of Amelia Ann Siler.
  14. Stout, Jacob   (b. 19 Oct 1781 - d. 9 Feb 1852)
      • Husband of Mary Bolling Stout. Jacob and Mary Stout had 6 children. Two of those children married into the Parks family.
        The Parks and Stout families must have been close because many members of both families are buried at the Parks-Stout Cemetery on the Parks homestead in Parks Crossroads.
        Confirmed children of Jacob and Mary Stout are: William Gaston Stout, Malinda, Susan, Narcissa, Samuel Goodin and James Calvin.
  15. Stout, Mary Bolling   (b. 26 Feb 1786 - d. 21 Jun 1851)
      • Wife of Jacob Stout.
  16. Stout, Sarah M.   (b. 28 Mar 1853 - d. 5 Feb 1855)
      • Grave adjacent to Jacob Stout and Mary Bolling Stout.
  17. Stout, William Gaston   (b. 26 Jan 1812 - d. 23 May 1857)
      • Son of Jacob Stout and Mary Stout

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