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      Location - on the north side of the Tar River, opposite Greenwood Cemetery, near the mouth of Parker's Creek, a short distance from the riverbank.

      Survey compiled by William "Bill" B. Kittrell in 2007.

      (WBK note: I have not seen this grave site personally but have been told by several hunters that they saw it 20-25 years ago while hunting in the area.)

      The information below was found in an early 1900s Daily Reflector article. "Oldest Tomb in the County: Senator A. L. Blow has for some time been gathering data for a history of Pitt County. In his recent research he found what is no doubt the oldest tomb in the county. It is on a grave about two miles below Greenville, on the north side of the river near the mouth of Parker's Creek and only a short distance from the riverbank. Sunk in the middle of the slab is a square of dark slate stone which contains the following inscription:

      Death at a distance we but slightly fear
      He brings his terror as he draws more near
      From stately palaces we must be gone
      To lie benighted in the tomb alone
      Wise then's the man who labors to secure
      His passage safe and his reception sure
      HERE LIES THE BODY OF Capt. John Speir
      Born in Virginia 25th Sept. 1693
      Departed this life 20th April 1764.

  1. Speir, John (Capt.)   (b. 25 Sep 1693 - d. 20 Apr 1764)

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