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076    BOWLING FAMILY (Mt Harmony Church Rd)

      Location - 2510 Mt Harmony Church Rd, Rougemont.

      Coordinates: 36d 18m 23.9s N; 78d 51m 55.5s W Click here for Google maps

      Directions: turn in the driveway and follow the path around first house; turn right just before shelter and second house; go to end of path, about 0.2 mile. You must get permission from Mr. Bowling at second house on path to visit the cemetery which is on private property.

      Survey and photographs by Franklin Bowling in June 2016.

  1. Blalock, Jody   (b. 10 Feb 1967 - d. 3 May 2015)
      • Son of Melvin C. Blalock and Barbara Jean Bowling Blalock.
  2. Bowling, Elvira Blalock   (b. 26 Aug 1944 - d. Reserved)
      • Wife of George Wesley Bowling.
  3. Bowling, Floyd Henderson   (b. 10 May 1901 - d. 20 Oct 1979)
      • Husband of Ola Taylor Bowling. Son of Joseph L. Bowling and Edie Taylor Bowling.
  4. Bowling, George Wesley   (b. 16 Feb 1936 - d. 21 Dec 2012)
      • Husband of Elvira Blalock Bowling. Son of Floyd H. Bowling and Ola Taylor Bowling. Pvt. 2nd Class, US Army Military marker.
  5. Bowling, Joe Thomas   (b. 13 Nov 1933 - d. 27 Aug 2014)
      • Husband of Vilma Lunsford Bowling. Son of Floyd H. Bowling and Ola Taylor Bowling.
  6. Bowling, Kendall Brent   (b. 7 Nov 1972 - d. 3 Apr 1997)
      • Son of George Wesley Bowling and Elvira Blalock Bowling.
  7. Bowling, Ola Taylor "Maggie"   (b. 15 Aug 1911 - d. 16 Oct 2000)
      • Wife of Floyd Henderson Bowling.
  8. Bowling, Vilma Lunsford "Sally"   (b. 12 May 1936 - d. Reserved)
      • Wife of Joe Thomas Bowling.
  9. Capps, Alene Bowling Eakes   (b. 24 Aug 1928 - d. 19 Jan 2011)
      • Wife of 1) Alton Fleming Eakes (divorced 1972) and 2) Joseph Danny Capps. Daughter of Floyd Henderson Bowling and Ola Taylor Bowling.
  10. Eakes, Lannie Henderson   (b. 26 Mar 1951 - d. 30 Jan 2015)
      • Son of Alton Fleming Eakes and Alene Bowling Eakes Capps.
  11. Pergerson, Chad Eric   (b. 23 Aug 1976 - d. 19 Oct 2013)
      • Husband of Jamie Mooney Pergerson. Son of Fred E. Pergerson and Jeannette Bowling Pergerson.
  12. Pergerson, Fred E.   (b. 10 May 1935 - d. 19 Feb 2007)
      • Husband of Jeannette Bowling Pergerson.
  13. Pergerson, Jamie Mooney   (b. 6 Jan 1977 - d. Reserved)
      • Wife of Chad Eric Pergerson.

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