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070    PROVIDENCE BAPTIST CHURCH   -   Surname starts with A

      Location - 1319 Virgilina Rd (Hwy 49), Roxboro.

      Coordinates: 36d 24m 55.2s N; 78d 57m 04.8s W Click here for Google maps

      Providence Baptist Church Cemetery is located on NC 49 approximately 2 miles north of Roxboro. The oldest part of the cemetery is on the north side of the educational building which stands now and was built in 1955. This building is on the site where the first church was built in 1862. According to the church records, the first pastor, Rev. William Ennis Oakley, was the first one to be buried in the cemetery. He was born April 3 1805 and died Sept 7 1876. No doubt there are some earlier graves but no markers exist as proof. The cemetery on the west side of the educational building is the next oldest. The third cemetery is on the other side of the old road leading from Roxboro to South Boston Va.. The oldest grave in this area is 1918.

      In 1961 Longhurst Cotton Mill deeded the private cemetery joining the church cemetery to the church. This portion of the cemetery is located off of Providence Road. The Dunn cemetery which is joined to the Longhurst Cotton Mill cemetery is not included in this list below at this time. Several graves were moved to Providence Cemetery in April 1977, when CP&L constructed Mayo Lake as part of the construction of the Mayo Power Plant. Even though all of the graves appear to be associated with the Providence Cemetery, only 3 are kept up by the church, the Dunn Cemetery and Old Longhurst cotton mill cemetery are kept up by family members. At the present time a person has to be member of Providence Baptist Church to obtain a cemetery lot in the church portion and some of the Longhurst Cotton Mill Area. Most of the Longhurst Cotton Mill Area and the Dunn Cemetery are owned by family members who purchased them from the Cotton Mill before 1961. But to me, all of these cemeteries are collectively known as the Providence Cemetery.

      View #2 of the cemetery. View #3 of the cemetery. View #4 of the cemetery. View #5 of the cemetery.
      View of the church. View of the church sign.

      Survey by Danny Lamberth in April 2000. Survey updated by Allen Dew in January 2016. Survey updates by Melanie Sabins in February 2016. All photographs by Melanie Sabins and John Sabins in January 2016.

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  1. Adams, Eva Milam   (b. 15 Mar 1908 - d. 10 Oct 1986)
      • Wife of Ralph Clay Adams
  2. Adams, Ralph Clay   (b. 26 Feb 1900 - d. 10 Oct 1986)
      • Husband of Eva Miliam Adams
  3. Adcock, Robert Lee   (b. 9 Jul 1905 - d. 24 Apr 1968)
  4. Anderson, D. B.   (b. 1905 - d. 1967)
  5. Anderson, George Thomas   (b. 11 Jun 1908 - d. 10 Dec 1973)
  6. Anderson, Lizzie G.   (b. 6 Jun 1881 - d. 7 Apr 1954)
      • Wife of William T. Anderson
  7. Anderson, William T.   (b. 4 Dec 1876 - d. 13 Dec 1964)
      • Husband of Lizzie G. Anderson
  8. Ashley, Dalreene Holt   (b. 14 Nov 1929 - d. Reserved)
      • Wife of Melvin Edward Ashley. Married 11 Nov 1950
  9. Ashley, Eunice Evelyn Marston   (b. 10 Feb 1929 - d. 29 Mar 2008)
      • Wife of Lonzie C. Ashley
  10. Ashley, James Frederick   (b. 23 Jan 1944 - d. 27 May 2005)
      • Husband of Wanda B. Ashley
  11. Ashley, Lonzie Cletus   (b. 5 Dec 1927 - d. 25 Mar 2015)
      • Age 87. Husband of Eunice Evelyn Marston Ashely. Married 57 years. Son of Tinnie and Alice Davis Ashely. Brother of Floyd Ashley, Gene Ashley, Graham Ashley, Pete Ashley, Louise Clayton and Molly Ashley. Father of Mark Anthony Ashley Sr., and Donna Ashley. Grandfather of Shannon Lewis, Brooks Pleasants, Angel Ashley, and Mark Ashley Jr. G-Grandfather of Gaige Lewis, Abby-Gail Lewis, Hunter Ashley, Aubri Ashley, and Zoie Henderson. He retired twice from Piedmont Community College, was a member of Longhurst United Methodist Church and was a veteran of the US Army. Native of Orange Co., NC. Died in Person Co., NC
  12. Ashley, Melvin Edward   (b. 23 Sep 1929 - d. 17 Oct 2004)
      • Husband of Darlreene Holt Ashley. Married 11 Nov 1950
  13. Ashley, Wanda Brit   (b. 10 Feb 1954 - d. Reserved)
      • Wife of James F. Ashley
  14. Ashworth, Shelia Blalock   (b. 2 Apr 1949 - d. 29 Oct 2005)
      • In God's Arms
  15. Averette, Blanche Long   (b. 11 Apr 1897 - d. 6 Feb 1917)
      • Wife of Luther Averette.
  16. Averette, Dan F.   (b. 8 Feb 1936 - d. 28 Aug 1980)
  17. Averette, James Luther, Jr.   (b. 28 Sep 1932 - d. 15 Sep 1958)
      • Son of James Luther Averette Sr. and Rosa Hicks Averette
  18. Averette, James Luther, Sr.   (b. 17 Jul 1896 - d. 3 Jul 1958)
      • Husband of Rosa Hicks Averette
  19. Averette, Reginald   (b. 18 May 1938 - d. 19 Mar 1975)
  20. Averette, Rosa Hicks   (b. 24 Nov 1902 - d. 25 Jun 1975)
      • Wife of J. Luther Averette, Sr.
  21. Averette, Walter J.   (b. 20 Jul 1915 - d. 8 Aug 1916)
      • Unmarked

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