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032    DANIEL FAMILY (Bessie Daniel Rd)

      Location - Bessie Daniel's homeplace on Bessie Daniel Road (SR 1147) about 0.25 mile from Flat River Church Road intersection.

      Coordinates: 36d 20m 36.9s N; 78d 59m 55.6s W Click here for Google maps

      Directions: From Roxboro, take 501S to right on Bessie Daniel Road. The cemetery is about 200 feet behind house on private property

      Surveyed by Ken and Becky Dalton in April 2006.

      Several other fieldstones and depressions are evident.

      Listed below are additional graves included on a list by Ms. Bessie Daniel around 1972. Although there is no physical evidence at this cemetery to support the existence of these graves, the list is included here in the hope that it will be useful to researchers.

  1. Barnett, Campbell (Capt.)   (b. 21 May 1827 - d. 24 Dec 1907)
      • (birthdate on marker is wrong) Husband of Elizabeth Scott Barnett. Son of Dr Currie and Sallie Barnett. 35th Batt NC HOME GUARDS CSA.
  2. Barnett, Elizabeth Scott   (b. 1834 - d. 1912)
      • (Ms. Bessie Daniel list) Wife of Campbell Barnett
  3. Barnett, Robert Scott   (b. 1855 - d. 1895)
      • (Ms. Bessie Daniel list)
  4. Daniel, Bessie Heath   (b. 6 Jun 1886 - d. 29 Feb 1976)
      • Daughter of Lewis Heath Daniel and Sallie Barnett Daniel. Teacher - Farmer - Radio - Historian. "She was a friend to man and lived in a house by the side of the road". Footsone: BHD
  5. Daniel, George Heath   (b. 18 Oct 1825 - d. 24 Apr 1859)
      • Husband of Mary Ann Lunsford Daniel
  6. Daniel, Helen   (b. 1888 - d. 1889)
      • (Ms. Bessie Daniel list)
  7. Daniel, Infant   (b. Unknown - d. Unknown)
      • (Ms. Bessie Daniel list) Infant of William and Elizabeth Daniel (no dates provided)
  8. Daniel, Lewis   (b. 1781 - d. 1847)
      • (Ms. Bessie Daniel list)
  9. Daniel, Lewis Heath   (b. 9 Feb 1850 - d. 16 Dec 1934)
      • Husband of Sallie A. Barnett Daniel. God is, and all is well. Footsone: Father
  10. Daniel, Martha D.   (b. 1797 - d. 1839)
      • (Ms. Bessie Daniel list)
  11. Daniel, Mary Ann Lunsford   (b. 10 Jan 1826 - d. 6 May 1885)
      • Wife of George Heath Daniel
  12. Daniel, Mary Margaret   (b. 1887 - d. 1887)
      • (Ms. Bessie Daniel list)
  13. Daniel, Sallie A Barnett   (b. 20 Mar 1860 - d. 16 Jun 1916)
      • Wife of Lewis Heath Daniel. God is, and all is well. Footsone: Mother
  14. Davis, Mr.   (b. Unknown - d. Unknown)
      • (Ms. Bessie Daniel list) former owner
  15. Davis, Mrs.   (b. Unknown - d. Unknown)
      • (Ms. Bessie Daniel list) former owner
  16. Tildy, Aunt   (b. 1833 - d. 1887)
      • (Ms. Bessie Daniel list) Beloved nurse of the Daniel family.
  17. Webb, George Heath   (b. 1866 - d. 1867)
      • (Ms. Bessie Daniel list)

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