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      Location - In NE Little River Township in a wooded area north of Holly Ridge Road (SR #1524). On private property with restricted access.

      Coordinates: 36d 13m 42.0s N; 79d 01m 07.0s W Click here for Google maps

      Survey - Information for this cemetery was provided in December 2006 by Mr. Benjamin Berry Henderson, a family descendant. Photographs 27 December 2006 by Mr. Henderson.

      Graves, Marked - Six of a total of 23 indicated graves are marked with engraved headstones/footstones.

      Graves, Unmarked - Unengraved fieldstones mark 17 graves, possibly including those of the 12 persons as noted below -- 8 family members believed to be buried here and an additional 4 persons possibly buried here.

      Comment - Robert Berry received a Granville Grant for 260 acres in the Lick Creek area on 12 May 1757 (#207). He later acquired 293 acres adjacent to this property on the east (NC State Grants #366, 42:19, 13 Mar 1780). He sold 200 acres of this to his neighbor William Armstrong on 14 Oct 1800 (OC DB 13:330 - Section 2 of the property shown on the plat of the property of William Armstrong at the entry for Cemetery #120). He retained some 93 acres on the east end of his property. He additionally acquired 247 acres adjacent to his property on the south from the Heirs of Patrick Rutherford (OC DB 4:415, 2 Mar 1787), so his property holdings along Lick Creek amounted to at least 600 acres. His plantation was named Fiddleton and was still identified on the 1890 Map of Orange County.

      Note - A family reunion of over 100 of the descendants of Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry was held in July 2007. The event was organized by Mr. Henderson and included a visit to the cemetery and to the nearby site of the original Berry home where the chimney, with a date of 1766 on it, still stands. An article on the reunion is in the August 1, 2007 edition of "The News of Orange County" from Hillsborough, NC.

  1. Ashley, Fanny   (b. 1780 - d. )
      • Mother of Mary King. Relationship to Berry family unknown. Possibly buried here.
  2. Berry, Anne Belle   (b. 22 Oct 1889 - d. 31 Oct 1902)
      • Annie Belle, Daughter of J P & A B Berry, Born Oct 27, 1889, Died Oct 31, 1902". Daughter of James P. Berry; Granddaughter of Thomas Person Berry.
  3. Berry, Elizabeth   (b. Abt 1768 - d. abt 1828)
      • Daughter of Robert Berry and Elizabeth Cate; Unmarried. Believed to be buried here.
  4. Berry, Elizabeth Cate   (b. Abt 1740 - d. abt 1818)
      • Wife of Robert Berry. Daughter of John Cate. Believed to be buried here.
  5. Berry, Hannah Cate   (b. 1770 - d. 1858)
      • Wife of William Berry. Believed to be buried here.
  6. Berry, Henry   (b. 1776 - d. 1855)
      • Son of Robert Berry and Elizabeth Cate. Believed to be buried here.
  7. Berry, Isaac   (b. Abt 1780 - d. abt 1838)
      • Son of Robert Berry and Elizabeth Cate; Unmarried. Believed to be buried here.
  8. Berry, James   (b. 10 Jul 1894 - d. 12 May 1896)
      • Footstone: "J. B." Son of James P. Berry; Grandson of Thomas Person Berry.
  9. Berry, Lucy Brown   (b. 12 Jan 1847 - d. 8 Jan 1881)
      • Lucy, Wife Of Passon Berry, Jan 12, 1847, Jan 8, 1881; Having finished life's duty, she now sweetly rests". Footstone: "L. B." Second wife of Thomas Person Berry.
  10. Berry, Robert   (b. Abt 1730 - d. 1814)
      • Original settler on Granville Grant 12 May 1757. Believed to be buried here in the family cemetery bearing his name.
  11. Berry, Sarah Lunsford   (b. 25 Jun 1811 - d. 27 Dec 1870)
      • Sallie Lunsford, Wife of Thos. P. Berry, Born July 25, 1811, Died Dec 30, 1870, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord." Footstone: "S. L. B." First wife of Thomas Person Berry.
  12. Berry, Thomas Person   (b. 1 Jun 1808 - d. 30 Apr 1884)
      • Believed to be buried here.
  13. Berry, William   (b. Abt 1774 - d. )
      • Son of William Berry and husband of Hannah Cate. Possibly buried here.
  14. Berry, William H.   (b. 1836 - d. 1874)
      • Son of Thomas Person Berry. Believed to be buried here.
  15. Crabtree, Susan Ann King   (b. 4 Jun 1848 - d. 28 Mar 1920)
      • "Susan A., Wife of J. W. Crabtree, June 4, 1848, Mch 28, 1920, My trust is in God." Footstone: "S. A. C." Wife of John W. Crabtree. Daughter of Thomas King and Mary Berry.
  16. King, Mary Berry   (b. 1809 - d. 1874)
      • Engraved fieldstone. Wife of Thomas King, Sr.
  17. King, Thomas, Sr.   (b. - d. )
      • Husband of Mary Berry King. Possibly buried here.

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