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      These are the unlocated burials that are left from the listing of the survey of Hillsborough cemeteries made in 1937 by A. K. Summerlin entitled 'Hillsboro Cemetery Colored'.

      A 1937 listing for the State Historical Records Survey had incorrectly combined into a list identified as "Hillsboro Cemetery - Colored" burials from several cemeteries. This list was the object of considerable study by the 1973 survey team. They were assisted by Mr. Earnest Price and Mr. Clyde W. Whitted, Sr. in an effort to place the burials in the correct cemetery. In the end, they were able to place all burials except 8, which were listed for separate entry.

      In February 2007 Milton Forsyth discovered listing deficiencies while reviewing the original survey records for Cresmont Memorial Park (#082). This led him to also investigate the burials listed under the other cemeteries where entries had been the subject of the 1973 study of the 1937 list: #084 (Maplewood Cemetery), #227 (Hillsboro Cemetery - Black [Old]) and #228 (Unlocated Graves in Hillsborough - 1937 Survey).

      Unfortunately, the typists did not use the correct drafts when preparing burial lists for these cemeteries. Milton corrected the lists so they are now consistent with the intentions of the 1970s survey team. Some names were added. Cemetery #227 was deleted (number reused for another cemetery). A total of 9 names ended up on this listing of unlocated graves from the 1937 survey.

  1. Farmer, A. F.   (b. 31 Dec 1895 - d. 17 Oct 1917)
      • [Source: 1937 List]
  2. Finney, Amanda   (b. Abt 1905 - d. 11 Dec 1935)
      • Age 60. [Source: 1937 List]
  3. Gattis, Sam   (b. - d. 1928)
      • [Source: 1937 List]
  4. Hayes, Arthur   (b. - d. 1933)
      • [Source: 1937 List] (An Arthur C. Hayes d. 8 Jun 1935, buried Hillsborough Town Cem)
  5. Leachmert, M.   (b. - d. 2 Jan 1931)
      • [Source: 1937 List]
  6. Norris, Mariah   (b. Abt 1878 - d. 8 May 1924)
      • Aged 46 [Source: 1937 List]
  7. Vaughn, Georgia   (b. - d. 31 Jan 1934)
      • [Source: 1937 List]
  8. Vinson, Richard   (b. - d. )
      • [Source: 1937 List]

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