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      Location - In Bingham Township on a farm at 4006 NC Route 54 West, 0.45 mi. SW of the highway in a field with access via a rough farm road. Private property.

      Coordinates: 35d 55m 07.8s N; 79d 11m 56.9s W Click here for Google maps

      Survey - Mary Claire Engstrom and Mr. and Mrs. Shelton Ray surveyed this cemetery on October 4, 1976. Milton Forsyth visited the site on 3 Mar 2006 through the courtesy of Mr. Shelton L. Ray, the landowner, and provided an update and photographs. See 1976 notes.

      Graves - The cemetery is about 85 ft. in diameter on a wooded rise in the field. There are perhaps 25 graves in 5 or 6 rows with some deep depressions; white quartz stones and softer soapstone mark some of the graves. College initiation ceremonies here one night in the 1970s displaced the 3 Bivins tombstones.

  1. Bivins, Jehu   (b. 20 Jul 1851 - d. 22 Oct 1856)
  2. Bivins, Joanna   (b. 8 Feb 1816 - d. 12 Sep 1847)
  3. Bivins, William A   (b. 4 May 1844 - d. 18 Jan 1845)
      • An unexplained engraving is on the top of this stone [Photo].

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