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      Location - From the intersection of highways NC 54 and Old Fayetteville Road (SR #1937) in Carrboro, proceed west for 1/2 mile. Turn right onto gravel road across from Lavinia Lane, the entrance to "The Shire" development. Follow the road as it winds about 2/10 mile toward the north; cemetery is visible to the left.

      Coordinates: 35d 55m 25.5s N; 79d 06m 35.9s W Click here for Google maps

      Survey - This cemetery was surveyed on February 23, 1973 by B. B. Doak. Milton Forsyth visited the cemetery in January 2005 and updated the directions. 1973 Plat of cemetery.

      Graves, Marked - There were 18 marked graves.

      Graves, Unmarked - There were 2 unmarked graves.

      Comment - See the historical entry under 'Tilley, James'

      Current Status - Very good condition. 4 rows of 18 marked stones and 2 unmarked stones; no footstones. Earliest burial: 1863.

  1. Cheek, Julia   (b. 1 Jul 1845 - d. 18 Mar 1886)
      • Spouse - J. M. Cheek
  2. Lloyd, Infants   (b. 15 Mar 1915 - d. 15 Mar 1915)
      • Infants of E G and Dora Lloyd
  3. Nevill, Cornelia F   (b. - d. 8 Oct 1876)
      • Daughter of J S Nevill Aged 6 Yrs., 23 Ds.
  4. Nevill, Doctor P   (b. - d. 26 Feb 1884)
      • Son of J S Nevill Aged 16 Yrs., 3 Mos.
  5. Nevill, Jesse A   (b. - d. 3 Dec 1866)
      • Son of J S Nevill. Aged 4 Yrs., 20 Ds.
  6. Nevill, Johnny E   (b. - d. 11 Nov 1876)
      • Daughter of J S Nevill Aged 4 Yrs., 1 Mo., 10 Ds.
  7. Neville, M Adline   (b. 12 Apr 1841 - d. 13 Feb 1897)
      • Wife of J S Neville 'In Memory of My Mother. J.m.n.'
  8. Tilley, Custine T.   (b. - d. 12 Aug 1877)
      • Spouse - J S Tilley Aged 34 Yrs., 14 Ds.
  9. Tilley, Doctor   (b. 22 Feb 1854 - d. 28 May 1863)
  10. Tilley, Edna A   (b. 12 Jan 1850 - d. 25 Jun 1883)
      • Daughter of James Tilley Aged 33 Yrs., 5 Mos., 13 Ds.
  11. Tilley, Elizabeth A   (b. 11 Jul 1858 - d. 19 May 1883)
      • Spouse - H A Tilley Aged 24 Yrs., 10 Mo., 8 Ds.
  12. Tilley, H A   (b. 29 Apr 1858 - d. 18 Feb 1929)
  13. Tilley, James   (b. 30 Aug 1804 - d. 17 May 1879)
      • From a newspaper article [circa 1970s]:

        Genealogy records a long line of area families ("Tilley: A Brief Historical Sketch of the Name and Family of the Tilleys", by Arthur Mangum Tilley, 53 pp.). This new genealogy by Arthur Mangum Tilley of Rt. 2, Rougemont, containing records of dozens of families related to the Tilley Clan of the Durham Area, completes a project begun by his sister, Mary Ethel Tilley, who died in 1968. In the forward the author says he obtained information from a number of persons from Durham, Bahama, Chapel Hill, Oxford, Rougemont, Yanceyville, Kittrell, and Knapp of Reeds, all of whom are mentioned. Although he has listed references, the author makes no attempt to document individual citations in the book. Some of the information came from research done by Ben Patrick Moore, formerly of Bahama. The author traces the derivative of the Tilley name back to its European origin in the French Norman village of Tilly. Over 40 pages of the book, a paperback, are consigned, in effect, to little more than listing vital statistics of Durham and Granville Tilleys and related families - Gorham, Webb, Peed, Bullock, Roberts, Ray, Veasey, Clayton, Bowling Roycroft, Hall, Bowman, Ledford, Lloyd, Smith, Allen, Lameth, Currin, Greer, Green, Ferrell, Wheeler, Gray, Latta, Bowen, Laws, Lawson, Malone, Carver, Critchner, Clark, Day, Jones, Parrott, Wilkins, Hicks, Huff, Averette, Morris, Moore, Franklin, Starr, Ellis, Tippett, Carrington, Chambers, Copley, Ball, Parrish and several others. The book may be purchased from the author by mail order. (E. T. Malone, Jr., the reviewer, is assistant news editor of the Durham Sun and a member of the Chapel Hill Historical Society and NC Society of State and Local Historians.)
  14. Tilley, Mary J   (b. 19 Mar 1865 - d. 13 Jan 1918)
      • Spouse - H A Tilley '..mother..'
  15. Tilley, Nancy C.   (b. 30 May 1843 - d. 10 Aug 1912)
  16. Tilley, Parthana   (b. 22 Apr 1852 - d. 24 May 1909)
  17. Tilley, Temperance   (b. - d. 10 Mar 1888)
      • Spouse - Jas. Tilley Aged 74 Yrs., 3 Mos., 27 Ds.
  18. Tilley, Walter B   (b. 18 May 1893 - d. 18 Jun 1913)
      • Son of H A and M J Tilley

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