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      Location - In Chapel Hill Township in a field about 400 ft south of the former location of the M. D. Strowd house at the end of Strowd Lane (SR #1106). Private property.

      Coordinates: 35d 55m 34.9s N; 79d 06m 31.7s W Click here for Google maps

      Survey - This 1/4 acre cemetery was surveyed by B. B. Doak on February 21, 1973. Photographs by Milton Forsyth in December 2005; access courtesy of the owner of the surrounding land. The cemetery is owned by the Strowd family (Orange County PIN 9769-71-6999). See the plat.

      Graves, Marked - There were 8 marked graves.

      Graves, Unmarked - There were 10 unmarked graves.

      Current Status - Very well kept; planted with daffodils. Enclosed by chain link fence.

  1. Bishop, Mack Decada   (b. 27 Dec 1889 - d. 2 Jul 1890)
      • Son of M G and M E Bishop
  2. Bishop, Thomas Merrel   (b. 7 Jun 1891 - d. 26 Oct 1900)
      • Son of M G and M E Bishop
  3. Stroud, J Wellons   (b. 24 Aug 1857 - d. 7 Aug 1890)
  4. Strowd, Adella Andrews   (b. 8 Jun 1867 - d. 18 Aug 1941)
      • '..wife And Mother..' Footstone: A.A.S.
  5. Strowd, M D (Manly Decatur)   (b. 31 Jul 1821 - d. 5 Mar 1902)
  6. Strowd, Martha Atwater   (b. 28 Apr 1823 - d. 12 Jul 1904)
      • Spouse - Manly D Strowd, Deacon Demacus [sic] Church. '..wife and Mother..'. Footstone: M.A.S.
  7. Strowd, Matthew Marshall   (b. 10 Feb 1862 - d. 8 Oct 1939)
      • '..husband And Father..' Footstone: M.M.S.
  8. Thompson, Celia E. Strowd   (b. 31 Oct 1852 - d. 8 Apr 1942)

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