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      Location - In Chapel Hill on Piney Mountain Road about 1 mile from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., (formerly Airport Road) intersection. The cemetery is on the roadside to the right (east) just past Louis Armstrong Court.

      Coordinates: 35d 56m 51.0s N; 79d 02m 50.0s W Click here for Google maps

      Survey - This cemetery was surveyed by Mrs. A. G. Engstrom and Beatrice B. Doak on November 16, 1972.

      Graves, Marked - There were 6 marked graves.

      Graves, Unmarked - There were 23 unmarked graves.

      Current Status - The unenclosed Partin Family Cemetery is 43' X 72' and apparently contains 29 graves. Of these, 6 persons have inscribed tombstones, all relatively recent. There are 23 uninscribed fieldstones. A small row of quartz stones appears to mark the graves of 5 children.

  1. Bess, Anthony S R   (b. 31 Jul 1954 - d. 28 Feb 1955)
  2. Partin, Bettie Brewer   (b. 26 May 1896 - d. 3 Dec 1955)
      • Footstone: 'Wife'
  3. Partin, Clarence C   (b. 9 May 1888 - d. 14 Jan 1944)
      • Son of Monroe and Emily Partin. (Stone Placed) by Bro'S Edward and London Footstone: C.C.P.
  4. Partin, Emily   (b. 5 Apr 1861 - d. 2 Mar 1886)
      • (Death Date Questionable Since Son Was Born 2 Years Later) 'Sleep On, Mother...' (by Son) Footstone: 'Mother'
  5. Partin, Monroe L   (b. 17 Jul 1853 - d. 17 Mar 1944)
      • Footstone: 'Daddy'
  6. Partin, Nancy E   (b. 16 Apr 1868 - d. 22 Feb 1958)
      • (Wife of Monroe L Partin) Footstone: 'Mother'

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