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164    MINNIS FAMILY CEMETERY (ca. 1834)

      Location - In west central Bingham Township NW of the intersection of Teer Road (SR #1101) and Bradshaw Quarry Road (SR #1100 and SR #1115). The stone-walled cemetery lies on the right hand side about 100 ft north up Kinlin Trail, a new road about 100 ft west of the intersection.

      Coordinates: 35d 58m 18.0s N; 79d 14m 56.0s W Click here for Google maps

      Survey - This cemetery was surveyed on February 28, 1974. Visited and photographed in January 2005 by Milton Forsyth, who also revised the location instructions.

      Graves, Marked - 12 marked graves.

      Graves, Unmarked - 55 unmarked graves. There are probably many more.

      Comment - See historical comments under entry for 'Pickard, John'.

      Status [2005] - Cemetery is unattended and overgrown and the stone walls are partially broken down. There are still some standing grave markers; apparently the appearance is much like it was in the 1970s.

  1. C----, J P   (b. - d. )
      • (Stone out of position)
  2. Crawford, George S.   (b. - d. 3 Mar 1854)
      • Son of Saml. and Rebecca Crawford. Ag'D 1 Yr. 4 Mos. 26 Ds.
  3. Minnis, Infant Son   (b. - d. 11 Jul 1852)
      • Infant Son of Jas. M. and Mary Minnis. Age 8 Mos., 18 Ds.
  4. Minnis, Infant Son   (b. - d. 26 Feb 1853)
      • Infant Son of Jas. M. and Mary Minnis (stone fallen)
  5. Minnis, James M.   (b. - d. 24 Mar 1854)
      • Aged 39 Yrs., 3 Mos., 9 Ds.
  6. Minnis, Mary   (b. - d. 25 Mar 1853)
      • Wife of Jas. M. Minnis. Aged 32 Yrs., 11 Mos., 29 Ds.
  7. Minnis, Mary Ann   (b. - d. 22 Jul 1852)
      • Daughter of Jas. M. and Mary Minnis. Aged 1 Yr., 11 Mos., 8 Ds.
  8. Pickard, Daniel   (b. - d. 15 Apr 1842)
      • (Stone out of position)
  9. Pickard, Elisha   (b. - d. 25 Dec 1834)
      • Shale (Stone out of position)
  10. Pickard, Ellen A.   (b. 6 Feb 1801 - d. 18 Nov 1874)
      • Wife of John Pickard. Aged 73 Yrs., 9 Mos. and 12 Ds. (stone off base). Name: Ellena (or Ellen A.?)
  11. Pickard, John   (b. 1800 - d. Jan 1863)
      • Aged about 63 Yrs. (stone off base). Footstone: J. P. --- From a letter from Jim Pickard to Mrs. Engstrom, Feb 11, 1977: I found the old Minnis Graveyard last summer and found John and Ellena Pickard's stones. They are my great-grandparents. But I did not find Elisha's who was John's father. Someone has destroyed the stone as Mr. Bradshaw, who owns the land, said vandals had damaged the graveyard recently. [James W. Pickard, 114 Shaw St., Randleman, NC 27317]. See also Orange County Will Book D, P. 351, Will of John Pickard, Dtd 15 Feb 1812.
  12. Smith, Edward   (b. 14 Aug 1820 - d. 17 Nov 1865)
      • Aged 45 Yrs., 3 Mos. and 3 Ds. Footstone: E.S.

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