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      Location - In Hillsborough, on the north side of E. Tryon St., about 450' east of the Churton-Tryon St. intersection. The cemetery occupies a 42'X42' plot in the extreme southeast corner of Lot 101.

      Coordinates: 36d 04m 38.1s N; 79d 05m 52.1s W Click here for Google maps

      Survey - This cemetery was surveyed on July 29, 1965. Photographs by Milton Forsyth in February 2005. Picture of cemetery plaque.

      Graves, Marked - There were 9 marked graves.

      Graves, Unmarked - There were 8 unmarked graves.

      Current Status - The square cemetery is surrounded by a dressed stone wall, originally laid dry, about 2 feet wide. The wall has been lowered considerably in recent years. Of the 17 visible graves, 9 are marked, 5 by massive sandstone slabs. The 5 unmarked graves along the west wall are thought to be those of the Lockhart family and have been tentatively identified by Hugh Conway Browning, historian of the Lockhart family (see persons identified as being on the 'Addendum List'). The wall is said to have been built about 1820 by James Phillips, husband of Nancy Lockhart. The middle row apparently contains the graves of children. The cemetery was considerably renovated in 1966.

      Comment - There is extensive historical information on the family in the cemetery file folder.

  1. Adams, Eliza May Phillips Fuller   (b. - d. )
      • Married (1) Solomon W Fuller; (2) John Y. Adams, 18 Nov 1852; daughter of James Phillips and Nancy Lockhart Phillips. It has been suggested that her grave is the one next to Solomon Fuller and nearest the north wall. (addendum list)
  2. Cook, James   (b. Jan 1817 - d. 5 Jun 1818)
      • 'Aged 1 Years and 5 Months' Footstone: J.C.

        This child is not identified. He may be a Son of Richard L. Cook, then resident in Hillsborough, and possibly a grandSon of the Phillips. A James Cook owned lot 3 in Hillsborough.
  3. Fuller, Mary J.   (b. 28 Apr 1845 - d. )
      • B. April 27, 1845 Married Thomas D. Tinnen April 27, 1869. The second daughter of Solomon Fuller. [entry based on a note]
  4. Fuller, Mary Louise   (b. 1840 - d. 14 Aug 1842)
      • Daughter of Solomon W Fuller and Eliza May Phillips Fuller This child may have been buried in one of the small unidentified graves near the south or Tryon Street wall of the cemetery. (Addendum list)
  5. Fuller, Solomon W   (b. Feb 1812 - d. 1 Apr 1851)
      • Footstone: S.W.F.

        Born Feb, 1812, Died 1 Apr 1851, Aged 39. A saddler by profession. Member of the O'Kellyite Chapel or Christian Church. Married Eliza May Phillips 9 Oct 1833. The Fullers had four daughters: Virginia, Susan, Mariah, and Mary Louisa.
  6. Fuller, Susan   (b. - d. )
      • Married Thomas Adams Nov. 17, 1852. [based on a note; no grave identified]
  7. Lewelling, Ann (Phillips)   (b. 1809 - d. 3 Apr 1840)
      • Aged 31 Yrs. (sandstone slab covering grave).

        Daughter of James and Nancy Phillips, and Wife of Dr. Elijah Lewelling.
  8. Lewelling, Elijah (Dr.)   (b. 1801 - d. 23 Apr 1836)
      • Aged 35 Yrs. (sandstone slab covering grave) Husband of Ann Phillips. Little is known of him, but it seems possible that he may have been a medical student of Dr. James Webb.
  9. Lockhart, Cathrin (Mrs.)   (b. - d. 1792)
      • Died in 0ct or Nov, 1792. May have been widow of Samuel Lockhart of Augusta Co., Va. (addendum list)
  10. Lockhart, James   (b. - d. 1815)
      • Son of William Lockhart, Sr., and Sarah Kelly Lockhart. He died In 1815. (addendum list)
  11. Lockhart, Sarah Kelly   (b. - d. 1813)
      • Wife of William Lockhart, Sr. Daughter of John Kelly. See the will of John Kelly, Oc Wb E:115. (addendum list)
  12. Lockhart, William, Jr.   (b. - d. 1820)
      • Died in Dec, 1820. Son of William Lockhart, Sr., and Sarah Kelly Lockhart. (addendum list)
  13. Lockhart, William, Sr.   (b. - d. 1808)
      • Died 1808. Only Son of Mrs. Cathrin Lockhart. William and his Wife, Sarah, had six children: William, Jr., Samuel, James, Thomas, David and Nancy. (addendum list)
  14. Phillips, Francis B.   (b. 1803 - d. 10 Aug 1824)
      • 'In The 21 Year of His Age' (sandstone slab covering grave).

        Son of James And Nancy Phillips. Although Francis B. is buried in Hillsborough, he died in Caswell Co. and the records of his estate sale are on record in the Caswell Co. Courthouse in Yanceyville. Francis B. Phillips' widow later remarried in Caswell Co. and is not buried beside him at Lockhart-Phillips.
  15. Phillips, James   (b. 10 Mar 1765 - d. 30 Oct 1847)
      • B. March 10, 1765 D. Oct. 30, 1847, Aged 83 Years. (sandstone slab covering grave).

        Called 'Capt. James Phillips' in the obituary of Mrs. Nancy Phillips in the 'Hillsborough Recorder'. A saddler by profession whose saddlery shop was directly over Dr. James Webb's medical office on the south side of E. Queen Street. An original organizer of the Presbyterian Church in 1815-16 from which he was dismissed by an act of the Session Chief Organizer of the O'Kellyite Chapel or Christian Church.
  16. Phillips, Mary J   (b. - d. 1820)
  17. Phillips, Nancy (Lockhart)   (b. 1782 - d. 14 Jun 1847)
      • 'Aged 65 Years' (sandstone slab covering grave).

        She was the Wife of James Phillips, Married 1797, and the daughter of William Lockhart. She is known to have had seven children, four of them were: Francis B.; Ann; Eliza May (6 Oct 1817); Thomas (b. 23 Nov 1816).
  18. Phillips, Thomas   (b. - d. )
      • Son of James and Nancy Phillips, Baptised 23 Nov 1816. (addendum list)

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