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153    LLOYD (LOYD), STEPHEN, FAMILY CEMETERY (Abt 1791, Destroyed Abt 1930)

      Location - In Chapel Hill Township NW of Chapel Hill-Carrboro, at the south end of Still Crossing Road (private road), which lies at the end of Glynmorgan Way, a private road off Union Grove Church Road (SR-1111). This cemetery was destroyed, but research suggests it was near the indicated coordinates. Private Property.

      Coordinates: 35d 57m 47.0s N; 79d 07m 56.0s W Click here for Google maps

      Survey - Beatrice B. Doak prepared a typewritten note about this cemetery on March 14, 1973, but apparently did not visit the area. Mrs. Engstrom appears to have visited the area, along with the site of the burial of Stephen Lloyd, (III), on April 28, 1975. Almost certainly she was accompanying someone familiar with the traditional information about the cemetery. Their original notes about the cemetery and comments about locating the position today are summarized here.

      Comments - The area was developed beginning in 1997 and the old landmarks are gone. The site location was determined based on the descriptons of Mrs. Doak and Mrs. Engstrom and using past and current aerial photography and surveys. See an annotated 1955 aerial photograph by Margaret Jones for the suspected locations of the family and slave cemeteries as they relate to the current property lines at the south end of Still Crossing Road.

      Stephen Lloyd, (III), son of Stephen Lloyd, (Jr.), was originally buried across Dairyland Road (SR-1113) from this cemetery near the buildings on his family farm. With the pending development of that area in 2005 Mrs. Frances Lloyd Shetley, a descendant, had the grave removed to the Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery (See Cemetery #005 for the burial entry).

      The cemetery description and burials were revised in 2009 by Margaret Jones of the Orange County Environment and Resource Conservation Department and Milton Forsyth. Dates for birth and death were based on Rootsweb WorldConnect entries, which are often undocumented.

  1. Lloyd, Martha Morris   (b. Abt 1754 - d. 1823(?))
      • Wife of Stephen S. Lloyd, (Sr.). It is assumed she was buried here in the family cemetery.
  2. Lloyd, Mary "Polly" Edwards   (b. Abt 1783 - d. aft 1860)
      • Wife of Stephen S. Lloyd, (Jr.). It is assumed she was buried here in the family cemetery. Aged 76 in 1860 census.
  3. Lloyd, Stephen S., (Jr.)   (b. Abt 1780 - d. abt 1864)
      • Son of Stephen S. Lloyd, (Sr.); Husband of Mary "Polly" Edwards [Orange Co. Marriage Bond, 20 Oct 1800]. It is assumed he was buried here in the family cemetery. Aged 80 in 1860 census.
  4. Lloyd, Stephen S., (Sr.)   (b. Abt 1741 - d. Jan 1791)
      • Son of Thomas Lloyd (See cemetery #252). This was his family cemetery.

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