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      Location - 10 Or 12 miles northeast of Hillsborough.

      Survey - This cemetery was apparently not surveyed. See the letter under 'Laws, Washington' name entry.

  1. Laws, Harriet Waller   (b. 22 Mar 1819 - d. 4 Apr 1888)
      • (Wife of Washington Laws)
  2. Laws, Louise Hall   (b. 16 Dec 1851 - d. 23 Nov 1920)
  3. Laws, Nathaniel R   (b. 6 Feb 1848 - d. 5 May 1903)
  4. Laws, Washington   (b. 12 Aug 1812 - d. 13 Apr 1882)
      • From a letter dated 13 Nov 1973 from Mrs. Arthur C. Frick to Mrs. Alfred Engstrom:

        ...some of my ancestors were early settlers of Orange County in the New Bethel United Methodist Church area and along the Flat River section which is now part of Durham Co., and others apparently near Little River Church. Among these ancestors are: Washington Laws and members of his family who are buried in the family cemetery a short distance from the family dwelling house, which was destroyed by fire some years back. This little cemetery is probably 10 or 12 miles northeast of Hillsborough. Buried at New Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery are many of the Laws family descended from George Laws, Sr, who was among the early taxpayers of Orange Co. around 1752-7. Also buried at New Bethel Cemetery are: William G. Mangum, b. 15 Aug 1835 d. 4 May 1915; Elizabeth Harris Mangum, b. 20 Mar 1834 d. 20 Mar 1907; Charles Adolphus Mangum, b. 5 Aug 1859, d. 6 Feb 1940; Delia Laws Mangum, b. 16 Mar 1852, d. 26 Mar 1925; Charlie Wade Mangum, b. 30 Jul 1886, d. 20 May 1900. (Writer notes that Mr. David Robinson, Rt. 2, Rougemont, NC, had information on the Laws Family Cemetery).

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