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      Location - On the west side of Old Fayetteville Road (SR #1937) north of the intersection with Jones Ferry Road (SR #1942) and .95 miles south of the intersection with Hwy 54. The cemetery borders the road.

      Coordinates: 35d 54m 26.1s N; 79d 05m 33.1s W Click here for Google maps

      Survey - Alfred G. and Mary Claire Engstrom surveyed the cemetery on Oct. 4, 1972 and Feb. 22, 1973. Milton Forsyth visited the cemetery in 1996, and in 2008 he and Margaret Jones of the Orange County Department of Environment and Resource Conservation added gravestone photographs and revised the burials based on new Henderson family information provided by a descendant, plus additional Davis and Horne burial research. See the 1972 plat here. See Orange County PIN 9778-25-5120, Heirs of Charles Davis.

      Graves - There were 13 marked graves and 4 unmarked graves in 1972-73.

      Status [1996, 2008] - A well-maintained family cemetery enclosed on three sides by rail and wire fences. An entrance opening on the highway provides access to the 92' X 145' rectangle. Two old large trees have died in the past few years, leaving one large cedar. The earliest marked grave is that of Belle Partin Davis, 1866-1890. Of the 17 visible graves in the 1970s survey 4 were unmarked; other burials indicated by recent research apparently left no visible graves. Burials have occurred since then, and several graves still have worn or illegible metal funeral markers that are later than 1973.

  1. Blackwood, Belle Horne   (b. 19 Apr 1893 - d. 30 Apr 1943)
      • Wife of Samuel B. Blackwood. Daughter of William Horne and Texana Davis - in 1880, they lived next door to Charles Davis, and Texana was 16 years old.
  2. Blackwood, Dewitt   (b. 16 Feb 1918 - d. 26 Jul 1918)
      • Son of Samuel B. Blackwood and Bell Horne [O. C. Birth Cert.]
  3. Blackwood, Fay T.   (b. 2 Apr 1931 - d. 14 Jan 1945)
      • Daughter of Belle Horne Blackwood.
  4. Blackwood, Samuel B.   (b. 26 Nov 1888 - d. 9 Jan 1921)
      • Husband of Belle Horne [See O. C. MR 10/128 and 1920 O. C. Census roll 1314, page 51]; buried "Davis Cemetery" [O. C. Death Record D6-24].
  5. Davis, Ann (Annie) Eliza Horton   (b. Mar 1835 - d. aft 1900)
      • Wife of Charles Davis, mother of David B. Davis, possibly her only child of 4 still living in 1900 [1900 Census]. Probably buried here.
  6. Davis, Belle Partin   (b. 1866 - d. 1890)
      • 1st wife of David B. Davis.
  7. Davis, Charles   (b. Oct 1825 - d. aft 1900)
      • Husband of Ann Eliza Horton. Established this family cemetery, and probably buried here.
  8. Davis, David B. (Buck)   (b. 27 Mar 1865 - d. 6 Jun 1942)
      • Son of Charles Davis and Ann Eliza Horton, husband of (1) Annie Belle Partin, married 12 Jul 1884 [O. C. MR 05/272] and (2) Susan Pendergraft, married abt 1892. Buried "Davis Cemetery" Birthdate given as 28 Apr 1865 [O. C. Death Record D25-62].
  9. Davis, Eugene   (b. 8 Aug 1864 - d. 20 Mar 1969)
      • Footstone: "Father" Husband of Sarah (Sallie) Pendergraph (1872-1941, married 1891, buried O. C. Cem. #056 - Orange Co. UMC Cem.); parents of 11 children. Son of "(?)en Davis" and "Catherine Pendergraph," "age 104" [O. C. Death Record D52-185]. (The 1870 Census suggests he was born in the fall of 1869 rather than in 1864 [1870 Census Orange Co., NC page 158, Dwelling 176, Family 172 - James "Pendergrass," Head, incl. Fendel Davis, 23, "absent from home"; Catherine (Pendergrass/Pendergraph) Davis, 23; and Eugene Davis, age 8/12]; not located in 1880 Census; see 1900, 1910, 1920 Census for family).
  10. Davis, Jimmy Robert   (b. 28 Jan 1942 - d. 11 Sep 1964)
  11. Davis, John Wayne   (b. 3 Jun 1955 - d. 9 Jul 1978)
      • Inscription: "An Inspiration to all Who Knew Him."
  12. Davis, Mathew A.   (b. 1895 - d. 1898)
  13. Davis, Roy G., Sr.   (b. 5 Mar 1903 - d. 15 May 1952)
      • Inscription: "Father."
  14. Davis, Virginia Susan (Sudie) Pendergraft   (b. 23 Apr 1875 - d. 14 Aug 1953)
      • 2nd wife of David B. Davis.
  15. Davis, William A.   (b. 23 Jan 1906 - d. 28 Nov 1997)
      • Inscription: "Daddy."
  16. Ellis, Ida Rene Evans   (b. 17 May 1877 - d. 29 Jun 1914)
      • Footstone: "Mother" Wife of Thomas M. Ellis; buried "Davis Cemetery" [O. C. Death Record D1-71]
  17. Henderson, Alice (Mollie) Cole   (b. Apr 1853 - d. aft 1910)
      • Daughter of Henry and Melissa Cole, wife of Pinkney Henderson. Probably buried here.
  18. Henderson, Maggie L.   (b. 24 Sep 1886 - d. 26 Sep 1894)
      • Inscription: "Daughter of P. A. and A. Henderson - Jesus Said, Let The Little Ones Come Unto Me And Forbid Them Not." Daughter of Pinkney and Alice Henderson [not listed in 1970s Survey, gravestone found lying on ground near rear in 1996].
  19. Henderson, Pinkney A.   (b. Jul 1844 - d. 5 Mar 1917)
      • Son of Will and Margaret Henderson; husband of Alice Cole, married 26 Jan 1873, [O. C. MR 02/190]. Age "about 76," buried "Davis Cemetery." [O. C. Death Record D3-384].
  20. Horne, Amos Ezra Harold   (b. 31 Aug 1890 - d. 21 May 1955)
      • Husband of Buleah Sykes. Son of William Horne and Texana Davis. Veteran of WWI. Buried "Davis Family Cemetery" [O. C. Death Record D38-190]. Grave marked by two square stones.
  21. Horne, Buleah Sykes   (b. 13 Aug 1909 - d. 1 Dec 1988)
      • Wife of Amos Ezra Harold Horne. Daughter of Calvin Eugene Sykes and Rebecca Ray. Worn metal funeral marker. Buried "Davis Family Cemetery" [O. C. Death Record D63-86].
  22. Horne, James Ernest (Sim)   (b. 5 Jan 1888 - d. 1 Oct 1961)
      • Son of William Horne and Texana Davis. Husband of Martha Critenton. Buried "Horne Fam. Cem." [O. C. Death Record D44-262]. No marker or stone seen in 2008.
  23. Horne, Martha O. Critenton   (b. 5 Dec 1884 - d. 14 Dec 1943)
      • Wife of James E. Horne. No marker or stone seen in 2008.
  24. Petty, Annie Lee Henderson   (b. Apr 1894 - d. 2 May 1927)
      • Daughter of Pinkney and Alice Henderson; wife of Robert Petty. Age "33," buried "Davis Grave Yard" [O. C. Death Record D12-99]. No marker.

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