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      Location - In Cedar Grove Township off Highland Farm Road (SR #1332) about 1/2 mile south of the Cedar Grove Road (SR #1004) intersection]. At what is now Twin Oaks Ranch, 4314 Highland Farm Road, but in the 1970s was "at Jim Minnis'; near Major Harvey Knowles new homesite." Private property.

      Coordinates: 36d 08m 24.0s N; 79d 09m 39.0s W Click here for Google maps

      Survey - Onie Evans & Becky Knowles surveyed this cemetery on March 12, 1972. It was apparently revisited August 8, 1977. The site was visited and photographed in February 2005 by Milton Forsyth - see "Status Update [2005]" below.

      Graves, Marked - On Mar. 12, 1972 there were 3 marked graves.

      Graves, Unmarked - On Mar. 12, 1972 there was 1 unmarked grave. There was a rock mound over entire grave, but no markings.

      Status [1972] - A dozen or so graves. Julius Davis buried here. A few footstones in place. One big headstone against tree. It's a rectangular plot. Cows have disturbed cemetery. Surveyor designated 2 sections in this cemetery.

      Status Update [2005] - The cemetery no longer exists. It was located to the SW of the gate to the ranch. The photograph is of that area. We know its coordinates because it appears on the old topographic maps. The current owner said he understood that some stones may lie beneath the sod in this field. Mr. Chip Liner, whose family some years ago owned the property, recovered and has preserved a wrought-iron fence shortly after the cemetery was destroyed by landscapers. The fence measures 13 ft. 4 in. square and formerly surrounded some of the graves. Photographs of the cemetery on 35mm slides taken in the 1970s are in the Engstrom photo collection at UNC (see the "About the Cemetery Survey" section).

  1. Davis, David C   (b. 6 Nov 1821 - d. 12 Apr 1894)
      • (In Sec. 1) Footstone: D.C.D.
  2. Davis, Eliza Ann   (b. 18 Jul 1823 - d. 18 Apr 1892)
      • (In Sec. 1) Footstone: E.A.D.
  3. Davis, Henrietta   (b. 18 May 1820 - d. 14 Sep 1893)
      • (In Sec. 1) Footstone: H.D.
  4. Davis, Julius   (b. - d. )
      • (Is Buried In Sec. 2 of This Cemetery)

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