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      Location - In Bingham Township east of Dodson's Crossroads Road (SR #1102) and south of Coachway Road (SR #1214), in the vicinity of the clubhouse for "The Trails" subdivision, although the graves could not be located in 2005. Private property.

      Coordinates: 35d 56m 31.0s N; 79d 10m 11.0s W Click here for Google maps

      Survey - This cemetery was surveyed on May 3, 1973. Milton Forsyth visited the site twice in January, 2005. He was not able to locate the graves. The photo above is in the southwesterly direction from the old house (note the 1973 location information). If the pines on the right hand side represent the border of the old path, graves might be hidden by piles of branches and pine straw along the edge. The topographic map indicates there was a road in this direction.

      In another area he did note one possible gravesite (but not a second one), but did not have much confidence that it was the Andrews Cemetery site. However, it was located 57 paces west from the SW corner of the old house down the wide path and six paces north into the wooded area. It was in a honeysuckle and briars area, with several possible elm trees and some daffodils (note the 1973 description under "Comment" below). There was one large fieldstone present, but it was on the east end of the possible gravesite, rather than the west, and the depression was oriented almost, but not exactly, E-W. No other comparable area was seen to the southwest. He took this photo of that site: (possible gravesite, looking west).

      Comment - The location in 1973 was given as "West of Chapel Hill-Carrboro off Dodson's Crossroads Road South (SR #1102) approximately 1.2 miles above (north of) Hwy 54. Turn right at the Barger mail box onto a dirt lane leading eastward to an old house. Cemetery lies southwest of house [that is, back toward SR #1102] just off a path to an old red barn." In 2005, turn right at Coachway Road, about 1.3 miles from Rte 54; the old house is now expanded into the clubhouse for "The Trails" subdivision. It lies on the right. The red barn was said to have stood just to the south of the current tennis courts, which lie beyond a wooded area between the house and Dobson's Crossroads Road. There appears to be one old wide path suitable for farm machinery that runs directly west from the house that may be the path mentioned in the 1973 description - no other path (as such) was observed. The area has obviously been altered somewhat since the 1970s - and this might be a new path to the tennis courts. In 1973 a comment noted: "Only a few rough fieldstones mark the cemetery. The area is overgrown with honeysuckle and briars. Three elms and a few daffodils survive. The land is currently owned by Jeff Suggs."

  1. Andrews, Laban   (b. - d. )
      • Laban Andrews was the Son of William Andrews and brother oOf Archibald. He married Rebecca (?) and had six sons and four daughters.

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