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      Location - 1065 Paddy's Creek Rd, Nebo.

      Coordinates: 35d 46m 31.5s N; 81d 55m 27.8s W Click here for Google maps

      Survey by Jack Hall in April 2014.

  1. Caraway, Barbara Buchanan   (b. 3 Oct 1943 - d. 30 Oct 2012)
      • Died in Huntersville, NC. Born in McDowell County, NC. John H. Buchanan and Daliey Greene Buchanan. Westmoreland Funeral Home.
  2. Cooper, Savannah Smith   (b. 10 May 1924 - d. 3 Feb 2013)
      • Died in Burke Co., NC. Born in Buncombe Co., NC. Daughter of Ernest E. and Vistie Hawkins Smith. Wife of James Albert Cooper Sr. Sossoman Funeral Home
  3. Green, Nancy Jane Goforth "Nannie"   (b. 29 Mar 1868 - d. 5 Feb 1971)
      • Daughter of Cornelius Clements Goforth and Emaline Ware Goforth.
  4. Houck, George W   (b. 27 Jan 1912 - d. 6 Nov 1973)
      • Husband of Virginia Dare Gray Houck. Son of Lawson Gurley Houck and Ardie Ann Dale Houck.
  5. Houck, Virginia Dare Gray   (b. 17 Jan 1920 - d. 9 Aug 2012)
      • Wife of George W. Houck. Daughter of Joseph H. Gray and Ida Bost Gray.
  6. Jaynes, James Gordon   (b. 28 Apr 1903 - d. 13 Jul 1964)
      • Husband of Rosalee Edwards Janes. Son of William Joshua Janes and nancy Callie Janes Jaynes.
  7. Johnson, Kenneth Guy "Johnny"   (b. 6 Dec 1940 - d. 1 Apr 2013)
      • Husband of Laura Dellinger Johnson. Son of Shoner Kyle johnson and Hope Meredith Johnson.
  8. Knupp, James Franklin   (b. 8 Feb 1950 - d. 3 Jun 2013)
      • Died in McDowell County, NC. Born in McDowell County, NC. Son of Ira Franklin Knupp and Angeline Baker Knupp. Husband ofCarol Cureton Knupp. Westmoreland Funeral Home.
  9. Miller, Frank V.   (b. 28 Jun 1928 - d. 20 Nov 2012)
      • Died in McDowell County, NC. Born in McDowell County, NC. Mark M. Miller and Caddie Huskins Miller. Husband of Ruby Hollifield Miller. Westmoreland Funeral Home.
  10. Nash, Dorothy Dean Shook   (b. 6 Aug 1933 - d. 28 Sep 1995)
      • Daughter of Fred F. and Ethel Lail Shook, Wife of George Sam Nash
  11. Niswander, Nancy Greene   (b. 1 Jan 1949 - d. 2 Sep 2005)
      • Died in Catawba Co. NC. Daughter of Thomas J. Greene and Dorothy Sprawls Greene. Westmoreland Funeral Service
  12. Pettit, Charles Walter III   (b. 3 Apr 1933 - d. 23 Apr 2013)
      • Died in McDowell County, NC. Born in Greer, SC. Son of Charles Walter Pettit, Jr. and Nora Williams Pettit. Wife of Mildred Harris Pettit. Westmoreland Funeral Service.
  13. Smith, Gurson Alvin   (b. 13 May 1916 - d. 9 Sep 2013)
      • Died in McDowell County, NC. Born in Jackson County NC. Son of Bob and Sadie Wood Williamson. Husband of Katie Copeland Smith. Westmoreland Funeral Service Marion.
  14. Westmoreland, Boyd J.   (b. 17 Sep 1918 - d. 24 Mar 2013)
      • Died in Dorchester County S.C. Born in McDowell County, NC. Son of Chapman Westmoreland and Oma Brooks Westmoreland. Husband of Betty Pittman Westmoreland. US Navy, WW II. Westmoreland Funeral Service
  15. Wise, Elsie Jane   (b. 23 Sep 1911 - d. 13 May 1913)
      • Daughter of W. F. and M. M. Wise

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