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      Location - 2280 Nicholson Rd, a little north of Pilson Rd (SR-1174).

      Coordinates: 35d 20m 48.0s N; 79d 11m 54.5s W Click here for Google maps

      Survey by Allen Dew in October 2015.

  1. Baker, Thelbert Lacy   (b. 15 May 1948 - d. 18 May 1990)
      • Husband of Wilda Annette Willard Baker. Son of James H. Baker and Zella Catherine Ashworth Baker.
  2. Collins, Beatrice Kennedy   (b. 17 Feb 1947 - d. 8 Oct 2015)
      • Age 68. Wife of Robert Merle Collins. Daughter of Fred Kennedy and Arkie Casey Kennedy.
  3. Davis, Nicole Elizabeth   (b. 7 Aug 1991 - d. 26 Aug 2009)
  4. Elhage, Joseph Keith Gerad   (b. 1997 - d. 31 Jul 1999)
  5. Paulus, Orene Sheffield   (b. 25 Sep 1929 - d. 21 Jul 2014)
      • Wife of William Paul Paulus. Daughter of David Benjamin Mackie Sheffield and Vicie Ellen Ashburn Sheffield.
  6. Ring, Ernest Rosser   (b. 30 Apr 1930 - d. 6 May 2013)
      • Age 83. Husband of Frances Morgam Ring. Son of Troy B. Ring and Nellie Garner Ring.
  7. Wallace, Nora Faye Wood   (b. 11 Aug 1951 - d. 17 Jul 2014)
      • Wife of Tommy Wallace. Daughter of Jesse Raymond Wood and Cleo Lena Marion Wood.
  8. Wood, Jesse Raymond   (b. 5 Jul 1923 - d. 2 Apr 1984)
      • Husband of Cleo Lena Marion Wood. Son of Early Wood and Londie Claude Wood.

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