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0971    UZZLE (B)

      Location - Wilson's Mills.

      Near Wilson's Mills and was located on the Uzzle Farm. Many of the persons buried here were possibly slaves of the Uzzle family. The information listed here is gathered from death certificates in the Johnston County Court House in Smithfield.

      Compiler: Elizabeth E Ross.

  1. Boylan, George   (b. Unknown - d. 31 Dec 1918)
      • aged about 60 years. son of Jim & Renla Boylan
  2. Boylan, Liza   (b. 29 Oct 1915 - d. 15 Apr 1916)
      • daughter of Isham & Lessie Turner Boylan
  3. Boylan, Marier   (b. Unknown - d. 30 Jan 1922)
      • aged 60 years. daughter of Abel & Gincy Vinson
  4. Bridgers, Herman   (b. 18 Nov 1915 - d. 20 Jan 1916)
      • son of Lonnie & Lettie Vinson Bridgers
  5. Grandy, Sowel   (b. Unknown - d. 29 Jul 1920)
      • aged 37 years. son of Elex & Eliza Mitchner Grandy
  6. McCullers, Annie   (b. Unknown - d. 31 Aug 1918)
      • aged about 18 years. daughter of Dean McCullers
  7. Mitchner, Samuel   (b. Unknown - d. 12 Jul 1918)
      • aged about 60 years. son of Hillary & I Mitchner
  8. Mitchner, Sowel   (b. Unknown - d. 30 Jun 1918)
      • aged about 90 years. born Johnston Co
  9. Moody, Alice   (b. Unknown - d. 22 Mar 1922)
      • wife of Harry. daughter of Rufus & Callie Mccullers
  10. Vinson, Dissie Carroll   (b. Unknown - d. 12 Jun 1936)
      • wife of Cleveland Vinson. daughter of Cremore Mitchner & Isaac Carroll

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