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      Location - Smithfield.

      In field of the Marshall P Lassiter homeplace, about 9 miles west of Smithfield on Hwy 210. Lane bordered with pecan trees leads to a well kept cemetery. 2 large magnolia trees and 1 boxwood. A low brick wall surrounds it.

      Compiler: Elizabeth Sanders & Edna Caudill, May 1976.

  1. Jones, Irving W   (b. 28 Aug 1907 - d. 5 Sep 1966)
      • husband of Violet Lassiter Jones
  2. Jones, James B   (b. 17 Apr 1885 - d. 30 May 1928)
      • husband of Nolie B Jones
  3. Jones, Nolie B   (b. 3 Sep 1888 - d. 1 Jan 1922)
      • husband of James B Jones
  4. Jones, Violet Lassiter   (b. 11 Mar 1909 - d. 15 Jun 1971)
      • wife of Irving W Jones
  5. Lassiter, Marshall P   (b. 21 Dec 1872 - d. 31 Mar 1963)
      • husband of Roberta B Lassiter, Sallie E Lassiter, Selina H Lassiter, & Sophia Adams Lassiter
  6. Lassiter, Roberta Banks Penny   (b. 10 Feb 1879 - d. 24 Apr 1907)
      • 1st wife of Marshall P Lassiter. [daughter of Henry H & Unity Elizabeth Coats Penny]
  7. Lassiter, Sallie E   (b. 11 Dec 1878 - d. 4 Mar 1920)
      • 2nd wife of Marshall P Lassiter
  8. Lassiter, Selina H   (b. 22 Sep 1870 - d. 10 Dec 1922)
      • 3rd wife of Marshall P Lassiter

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