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      Location - on Raleigh Rd, about 0.5 mile from Hwy 210, Elevation.

      Coordinates: 35d 30m 07.5s N; 78d 32m 15.4s W Click here for Google maps

      Directions: Near Rehobeth Church. Go 0. 8 mile south of Coats Crossroads on SR 1330, thence east on SR 1329 for 0.5 mile. The cemetery is on the high side of the road in a thicket amidst a farmer's field. 2 unidentified stones L G J & W H J. 15 marked graves.

      From Highway 40 and 210, travel east on 210 to Raleigh Road. Turn left onto Raleigh Road. Cemetery is visible from the road about 0.5 mile on the left.

      January 2016: The entire area is elevated in a farmers field and chained off. Only one stone remains in this cemetery. Cemetery is covered with untended growth of grasses, rose brambles and trees.

      Compiler: Barbara Z Jones, RaIeigh, NC, Mar 1976. Updates and photos by Gerry Morgan in January 2016.

  1. Jones, Amie Barber   (b. 1782 - d. 186_)
      • Wife of William W Jones
  2. Jones, Cascandra Lashley   (b. 1827 - d. Unknown)
      • Wife of John Jones [Census 1850 h 380]
  3. Jones, Eadie   (b. 1858 - d. 1907)
      • Daughter of John & Cassie Jones
  4. Jones, Elizabeth E.   (b. 1857 - d. Unknown)
      • Daughter of William Henderson Jones
  5. Jones, Emeline C. Barber   (b. 10 Mar 1829 - d. 25 Jul 1891)
      • Wife of James Alvin Jones [Census 1850 h 194]
  6. Jones, Emily Welsh   (b. 1816 - d. Unknown)
      • Wife of Hairson Jones. [Census 1850 h 381]
  7. Jones, Hairson   (b. 1808 - d. Unknown)
      • Husband of Emily Jones. [Census 1850 h 381 he is recorded as Harrison Jones]
  8. Jones, James Alvin   (b. 16 Jul 1819 - d. 14 Nov 1882)
      • Husband of Emeline C Barber Jones. [Census 1850 h 194]
  9. Jones, John   (b. 1817 - d. Unknown)
      • Husband of Cascandra Lashley Jones. [Census 1850 h 380]
  10. Jones, L. G.   (b. Unknown - d. Unknown)
      • Unknown. Foot marker with L.G.J.
  11. Jones, Major A.   (b. 1879 - d. Unknown)
      • Son of William Henderson Jones
  12. Jones, Martha "Patsey" Parish   (b. 1837 - d. Unknown)
      • Wife of William Henderson Jones
  13. Jones, Martha Delia   (b. 1865 - d. Unknown)
      • Daughter of William Henderson Jones
  14. Jones, P. W.   (b. Unknown - d. 1849)
      • Believed to be Polly, unmarried sister of William Henderson Jones
  15. Jones, William Henderson   (b. 17 Oct 1833 - d. 2 May 1909)
      • Husband of Martha H Jones. Footmarker with W.H.J.
  16. Jones, William W.   (b. 1773 - d. 1844)
      • Husband of Amie Barber Jones

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