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      Location - on Johnston County Rd, about 950 feet south of Godwin Rd and 1 mile north of Old Fairground Rd.

      Coordinates: 35d 27m 19.9s N; 78d 37m 34.0s W Click here for Google maps

      Surveyed by and photographs by Harnett County Friends of the Library, Julie & Vernon Gambrell, and others. Updates by Allen Dew in December 2016.

  1. Campbell, Mary M.   (b. Abt 1904 - d. 8 Nov 1995)
      • Age at death 91. Survived in death by grandchildren: Mary, Belinda, Willie Campbell, great-grandchildren: Willie Campbell III, Robert, Jefferson, Jamerson, Destinee Campbell.
  2. Davis, Sandra Peacock   (b. Abt 1943 - d. 9 Jun 1998)
      • Age at death 54. Survived in death by husband, Harry Davis; daughter, Sandra Chevette Davis; mother, Eldress Eula Peacock; 2 sisters, Dr. Gloria Cdayru, Lenora Burgess; foster sister, Saufoula Ann Jarhain;.
  3. Denning, Aaron Clefford   (b. 19 Jan 1907 - d. 24 Nov 1913)
      • Son of June F. Denning and Florence Denning.
  4. Denning, Emily Florence Dixon   (b. 1888 - d. 1955)
      • Wife of Junius Franklin Denning.
  5. Denning, Junius Franklin "June"   (b. 1878 - d. 1956)
      • Husband of Florence Denning.
  6. Denning, Silas Lundy   (b. 5 Mar 1909 - d. 29 Nov 1922)
      • Son of June F. Denning and Florence Denning.
  7. Dixon, Adaline Cornelia Coats   (b. 11 Sep 1855 - d. 30 Jul 1913)
      • Wife of John D. Dixon.
  8. Dixon, Benjamin "Ben"   (b. 13 May 1860 - d. 30 Apr 1940)
      • Husband of Nancy E. Coats Dixon.
  9. Dixon, John   (b. 12 Apr 1819 - d. 2 Jan 1892)
      • Husband of Tempy Dixon.
  10. Dixon, John Daniel   (b. 6 Mar 1849 - d. 31 Dec 1892)
      • Husband of Adaline C. Dixon. Closeup.
  11. Dixon, Kathleen M.   (b. 1924 - d. 4 Oct 1996)
      • Preceded in death by Joseph H. Messer & Allie Stewart Messer, parents. Survived in death by Albert J. Dixon Sr., husband Linda Ellis, daughter Albert J. Dixon Jr., son Alene Poole and Martha Raynor, sisters Cheryl Ellis, granddaughter Hanna Ellis, great-granddaughter.
  12. Dixon, Nancy Emily Coats   (b. 19 Jun 1857 - d. 21 Sep 1934)
      • Wife of Ben Dixon.
  13. Dixon, Temperance Matthews "Tempy"   (b. 21 Aug 1820 - d. 31 Aug 1904)
      • Wife of John Dixon.
  14. Dorman, George W.   (b. 30 Sep 1873 - d. 3 Jan 1947)
      • Husband of Nancy E. Dorman.
  15. Dorman, Nancy Eveline Dixon   (b. 23 Sep 1882 - d. Unknown)
      • Wife of George W. Dorman.
  16. Duff, Mable Inez Richardson   (b. 4 May 1933 - d. 22 Oct 2001)
      • Preceded in death by parents, Thomas & Pricilla McDougald Richardson;. Survived in death by daughter, Linda Petrie Haywood, Sandra Petrie McArthur, Mae Petrie Alexander; son-n-law, Orrin Ray Haywood; 3 grandson; gr-dau; 6 great-grandchildren ;. Funeral home: Haywood Funeral Home, Raleigh NC
  17. Evans, James Junior   (b. Abt 1969 - d. 30 Jun 2009)
      • Age at death [39]. Survived in death by former wife, Zenesta Lorraine Evans of Holly Springs; a daughter, Jasmine Evans of Holly Springs; a son, Jaimie Evans of Garner; stepsons, Bryant McNeill of Willow Spring and David McNeill of Holly Springs; his mother, Linda Faye Evans Alvarez (Alfredo) of Angier; his grandmother, Catherine Evans of Angier; four grandchildren; sisters, Loretta, Dorthia, Vicky, Gloria, Bonita, Bernice, Sabrina, Teresa, Amy, Annie, Sandra and Vita; brothers, Carrington, Earl, Timmy, Zollie, Jerry and Adam; and a host of nieces and nephews.. Funeral home: Dafford Funeral Home Angier, Angier NC
  18. Gregory, Infant Son   (b. 25 Nov 1897 - d. 25 Nov 1897)
      • Son of John N. Gregory and Mary Ann Gregory.
  19. Gregory, John Norman   (b. 19 May 1869 - d. 21 Dec 1915)
      • Husband of Mary Ann Gregory.
  20. Gregory, Mary Ann Dixon   (b. 20 Jan 1878 - d. 20 Mar 1953)
      • Wife of John N. Gregory.
  21. Gregory, Onea   (b. 18 May 1915 - d. 27 Aug 1935)
      • Daughter of John N. Gregory and Mary Ann Gregory.
  22. Johnson, Delanie Catherine Dixon McGee   (b. 17 Feb 1859 - d. 16 Aug 1906)
      • Wife of Claud Johnson.
  23. Peacock, Eula Richardson (Rev)   (b. 1921 - d. 7 Oct 2001)
      • Survived in death by 3 daughters Dr. Gloria Decurz, Lenora Burgess, Safola Lockwell; son, Leo Mulero; 5grandchildren; 5 great-grandchildren ; 5 brother , Wade and McKoy Richardson; 5 sister, Thedora Richardson, Joann Jefferson, Nettielee Stevenson, Elnora Lee;. Funeral home: Payton Funeral Home, Dunn NC
  24. Richardson, Nina Ruth   (b. Abt 1931 - d. 9 Nov 1998)
      • Age at death 67. Survived in death by daughter, Ida Richardson; sons, Darrington, Willie Anderson; 3 brothers, Lorman, Wade and McKoy Richardson; 6 sisters, Evangelist Eula Peacock, Nettie Lee Stevens, Theldora Williams, Mable Duff, Joan Jefferson, Elnora Lee; 4 grandchildren;.
  25. Thornton, John Willis "J.W."   (b. Abt 1934 - d. 11 Nov 1998)
      • Age at death 64. Preceded in death by parents, Marvin Granger & Maude Parson Thornton;. Survived in death by daughter, Connie Denise; brother, James T. Thornton; 4 sisters, Betty T. Elliott, Ann T. Stewart, Julia Mae Strickland, Maude Ethel Denton; 2 grandchildren;.
  26. Unknown, Unknown   (b. Unknown - d. Unknown)
      • old wooden marker.

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