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      Location - 8326 Hwy. 27 West, Lillington.

      Coordinates: 35d 20m 39.4s N; 78d 56m 21.4s W Click here for Google maps

      Directions: from Lillington, take Hwy 27 west for about 7.2 miles to the church and cemetery on the right side of the road.

      View of the church. View of the church sign.

      Surveyed by and photographs by Harnett County Friends of the Library, Julie & Vernon Gambrell, and others. Updates by Allen Dew in November 2016.

  1. Addison, William Robins, Jr.   (b. 7 Jan 1994 - d. 7 Jan 1994)
  2. Bellflower, Elizabeth   (b. 6 May 1919 - d. 27 Mar 2008)
      • Wife of Riley F. Bellflower.
  3. Bellflower, Riley F.   (b. 29 Sep 1919 - d. 2 Nov 1991)
      • Husband of Elizabeth Bellflower. US Army, WW-II.
  4. Byrd, Earnestine J.   (b. 22 Apr 1940 - d. Reserved)
      • Wife of Wilbon J. Byrd.
  5. Byrd, Pansy Hardy   (b. 14 Apr 1961 - d. Reserved)
      • Wife of Tony Johnson Byrd.
  6. Byrd, Tony Johnson   (b. 6 Feb 1958 - d. 1 Nov 2013)
      • Son of Wilbon J. Byrd and Earnestine J. Byrd.
  7. Byrd, Wilbon J.   (b. 16 Oct 1936 - d. 15 Oct 1999)
      • Husband of Earnestine J. Byrd. Age at death 62. Preceded in death by brother, Leon Byrd;. Survived in death by wife, Earnestine Johnson Byrd; daughters Varonda B. Strouth; 3 sons, W. J., Kenneth and Tony Byrd; 2 sister, Judy Ann \Byrd, Rita Oates; 3 brother , Billy Ray, James Robert and Harold P. Byrd; 7 grandchildren.
  8. Byrd, William Leon   (b. 23 May 1935 - d. 26 Apr 1996)
      • Survived in death by daughter, Debbie B. Coats brother, Wilbon Byrd brother, Billy Byrd brother, Harold Byrd brother, James Byrd sister, Judy Byrd sister, Rita Oak. US Army.
  9. Fincher, Larry Dean, Jr.   (b. 2 Sep 1972 - d. 27 Feb 1998)
      • Husband of Doreen J. Fincher. Age at death 26. Survived in death by wife, Doreen J. Fincher; sons, Tristen Fincher, Nolan, Zachery, and Yorie Latimer; mother and stepfather, Glendola and Nick Garnice; father and stepmother, Larry and Linda Fincher; maternal grandmother, Celestia Hymore; paternal grandfather, Sam Fincher;brother, Loren Fincher; 2 sisters, Michelle McFarland, Loretta Fincher;.
  10. Fletcher, Mary Jo Bullard   (b. 15 Mar 1938 - d. 11 Apr 2010)
      • Preceded in death by Parents Henry A. and Margaret Holder Bullard; son, Charles Edward Patterson; and brothers, Jones Quentin Bullard and Eugene Vadran Bullard.. Survived in death by Son, Jonathan Lee Fletcher of Broadway; stepsons, Randall Wesley Fletcher of Sanford and Roby Darryl Fletcher of Carolina Beach; sisters, Janis Bullard Howard of Smithfield and Freda Bullard Cameron of Marshville; and grandchildren, Leigh Patterson, Jason Patterson and Jacob Fletcher.. Funeral home: O'Quinn Peebles Funeral Home, Lillington NC
  11. Fortenberry, Bennett E.   (b. 14 Sep 1925 - d. 28 Feb 1985)
      • Husband of Naomi Adkins Fortenberry. US Army, WW-II, Korea.
  12. Fortenberry, Naomi Adkins   (b. 3 May 1923 - d. 13 Jun 2005)
      • Wife of Bennett E. Fortenberry.
  13. Goodwin, Ada Smith   (b. 22 Jun 1904 - d. 7 Nov 1997)
      • Wife of George L. Goodwin. Preceded in death by George Goodwin, Husband. Survived in death by Virgina Moore and Judy Duquette, daughters Laura Thomas and Kate Smith, Sisters.
  14. Goodwin, George L.   (b. 22 Jul 1904 - d. 19 Sep 1981)
      • Husband of Ada Smith Goodwin. Son of James Calvin Goodwin and Nellie Gay Goodwin.
  15. Holland, R. H.   (b. 16 Apr 1941 - d. 4 Sep 2006)
      • US Army.
  16. Jackson, Priscilla Lane Spence   (b. 29 Mar 1953 - d. 6 May 2013)
      • Wife of Keith Jackson. Daughter of Walter David Spence and Martha Graves Spence.
  17. Johnson, Ronald "Kent"   (b. 28 Jun 1958 - d. 11 Dec 2010)
      • Age at death [52]. Preceded in death by Parents, Oscar D. and Mary Ellen Johnson; sister, Rhonda Johnson.. Survived in death by Wife, Brenda Wallace Johnson; stepchildren, Johnnie Darroch and wife Jackie of Sanford, Megan Tidwell and husband Chris of Alabama, and Jason Oldham of Goldston; grandchildren, John, Sherry, Christopher and Kevin Darroch, Storm and Coty Tidwell, Aaliyah, Isaac and Jacob Oldham; brothers, Dale Johnson of Dunn and Rickie Johnson of Dunn; and sisters, Gloria Champion of Lillington, Wanda Williams of Benson and Dawn Bennett of Dunn.. Funeral home: O'Quinn Peebles Funeral Home, Lillington NC
  18. Matthews, Lucille Barefoot   (b. 6 Jan 1950 - d. 1 Jul 2001)
      • Preceded in death by Parents, Allie and Lee Barefoot, brother, Wayne Barefoot.. Survived in death by Husband, Billy Ray, daughter, Cindy Matthews, son, Tony Matthews, sister, Carl Barefoot, 2 grandchildren. Funeral home: O'Quinn Peebles Funeral Home, Lillington NC
  19. McDonald, Frederick Lynn   (b. 5 Mar 1947 - d. 29 Sep 2011)
      • Son of Frederick Pittman McDonald and Iris Hudgins McDonald. US Army, Vietnam.
  20. McDonald, Frederick Pittman   (b. 12 May 1925 - d. 23 Feb 1998)
      • Husband of Iris Hudgins McDonald. Survived in death by Iris H. McDonald, wife; Teresa M. Jernigan, daughter; Lynn McDonald, Graham McDonald, sons; 4 grandchildren.
  21. McDonald, Iris Hudgins   (b. 15 Jul 1922 - d. 27 Jan 2016)
      • Wife of Frederick Pittman McDonald. Daughter of Elijah Graham Hudgins and Lela Matthews Hudgins.
  22. McKinney, Gary Dale   (b. 3 Jun 1946 - d. 23 Jun 2016)
      • Husband of Margaret Hayes McKinney. Son of Dallas McKinney and Faye Cobb McKinney.
  23. Milling, Oscar Lee   (b. 19 Jan 1943 - d. 25 Nov 1995)
      • Age at death 52. Survived in death by wife: Elaine Milling, daughter: Jennifer Milling, father: Woodrow Milling, sisters: Rose Prewitt, Clara Duggins, Jeanette Dickens, brother: Paul Milling. US Air Force.
  24. Moody, Ronald L., II "Ron"   (b. 24 Sep 1967 - d. 4 Feb 1993)
      • Loved Always and Forever.
  25. Moses, Jeffrey Troy "Jeff"   (b. 1 Oct 1966 - d. 29 Apr 2013)
      • Husband of Terri Price Moses. Son of Wilbur Troy Moses and Maybelline Harper Moses.
  26. Nordon, Carlie Thomas   (b. 29 Dec 1920 - d. 29 Aug 1981)
      • Pvt. US Army, WW-II.
  27. Nordon, Ruby Brown   (b. 14 May 1928 - d. 19 Jun 2012)
  28. Patterson, Matthew Bryant "Matt   (b. 19 Dec 1989 - d. 13 Sep 2011)
      • Survived in death by Parents Joseph Bryant Patterson and Gloria Ann Moore Bailey; brothers, Jason Allen Bailey and wife Jeannette of Henderson, Joseph David Bailey and wife Casey of Lillington, Justin Aaron Patterson of the home, two sisters, Amanda Patterson Combs of Broadway, Ashley Nicole Patterson of Broadway, maternal grandmother, Alice Faye Womack of Lillington, paternal grandfather, L. J. Patterson of Lillington,two nieces and three nephews.. Funeral home: O'Quinn Peebles Funeral Home, Lillington NC
  29. Phillips, Bessie Irene McArthur   (b. 14 Oct 1928 - d. 2 Jan 2013)
      • Wife of Davie Lee Phillips. Daughter of John Cornel McArthur and Mary Ann Thompson McArthur.
  30. Phillips, Davie Lee   (b. 10 Jul 1926 - d. 15 May 2016)
      • Husband of Bessie Irene McArthur Phillips. Son of Dovie Phillips and Lillie Williams Phillips.
  31. Powell, Jimmy Martin   (b. 24 Jul 1969 - d. 28 Aug 1986)
      • Son of Sidney Powell.
  32. Robins, William Addison, Jr.   (b. 7 Jan 1994 - d. 7 Jan 1994)
      • Infant Son.
  33. Rouse, John Richard   (b. 6 May 1946 - d. 3 Dec 1994)
      • BM-3 US Navy.
  34. Rouse, John Richard, Jr. "Johnny"   (b. 30 Nov 1967 - d. 26 Jul 2004)
      • Son of John Richard Rouse.
  35. Schwenk, Viola M. Lancaster   (b. 21 Jun 1914 - d. 26 Nov 2002)
  36. Wallace, Patsy Matthews   (b. 30 Oct 1933 - d. 23 Aug 2004)

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