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      Location - 5691 Rawls Church Rd, a little west of Hwy 401, Rawls Community.

      Coordinates: 35d 32m 10.6s N; 78d 49m 20.7s W Click here for Google maps

      Surveyed by and photographs by Harnett County Friends of the Library, Julie & Vernon Gambrell, and others.

      View #2 of the cemetery.

  1. Wood, Annie M.   (b. 26 Jul 1872 - d. 15 Apr 1908)
      • Daughter of Mark Wood and Rebecca Wood.
  2. Wood, Jimmy Dean   (b. 15 May 1964 - d. 15 May 1964)
      • Son of Sherwood Wood.
  3. Wood, John Perry   (b. 24 Jun 1906 - d. 29 Feb 1955)
      • Survived in death by wife Maggie Arnold, sons, Billy, Shelton, Arnold, Johnnie, daughter, Priscilla Wood, mother, Margaret Wood, brothers, Pressie, Charlie, Carlia, Sherwood Wood, daughters, Mrs. Rebecca Puryear, Mrs. R.J. Broadwell, Miss Sue Wood, Mrs. W.G. Cox.
  4. Wood, John Riley   (b. 31 Jul 1870 - d. 15 Mar 1946)
      • Husband of Margaret Delaney Wood.
  5. Wood, Margaret Delaney   (b. 9 Mar 1881 - d. 5 Dec 1955)
      • Wife of John Riley Wood. Preceded in death by husband, John R.. Survived in death by sons, Pressie, Charles, Carlie, Sherwood, 4 daughters, Mrs. W.A.Puryear, Mrs. R.J.Bradwell, Miss Sue Wood, Mrs. W.G. Cox, 3 half-brothers Callie, Mallie, Raivis Champion 48 grandchildren, 38 great-grandchildren.
  6. Wood, Mark   (b. 8 May 1834 - d. 15 Mar 1907)
      • Husband of Rebecca Wood.

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