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--- WELCOME ---

This is the Internet Web edition of the Cemetery Survey of Harnett County, North Carolina. It is brought to you by Cemetery Census.  We hope you will find it user-friendly and useful.  We will be adding "newly discovered" cemeteries and updating cemetery location and other information from time to time.

If you note any problems with using this data please advise Cemetery Census.

If in your use of the data you note any errors, missing entries for any cemetery, changes needed to any data entry, or older cemeteries, family burial grounds or individual gravesites not included in this survey that you have information or personal knowledge about, please write to Cemetery Census at this address:

Cemetery Census
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You are invited and encouraged to read the following summary of the origin of this data and how it came to be here today.

We suggest that you read this summary at least once, probably before starting to use the data, as it contains important information that may bear on your research.


Harnett County Public Library Cemetery / Obituary Database Project

Begun in 1989 with the encouragement of Lois T. Byrd, then president of the Friends of the Library, the Harnett County Public Library staff and volunteers began indexing obituaries of Harnett County and outlying areas. Over the next 20 years, these dedicated workers meticulously documented more than 10,000 obituaries. In 2008, these records were made available to the public through the libraries online catalog.

As the library staff and volunteers were working on obituaries, a Harnett County couple was diligently surveying cemeteries in Harnett County. Inspired by Hugh B. Williams, author of “The Cemetery Man,” Julie and Vernon Gambrell traveled the county with camera and notebook. They took photos of the tombstones and grave markers and documented their findings. Over time, they gathered a vast amount of information. With a desire to share this information with others, the Gambrells partnered with the Harnett County Public Library. The Gambrell’s entrusted their treasure to the county Library and the library in turn added all the information and pictures to their online catalog. For more than a decade, historians, genealogists, and those searching for a closer look of the distant past had easy access to information both vast and valuable.

In December 2014, the Harnett County Public Library joined a consortium of NC libraries using different cataloging software. Unfortunately, the new system was unable to accommodate the cemetery data. With determination to preserve the public’s accessibility of the information along with the hope of keeping the project active, the data was extracted from Harnett County’s database and passed along to computer professional, Allen Dew. Mr. Dew spent many hours preparing the database program that presents the information in a readily accessible manner. Allen coordinated the acquisition of the material and performed certain manual editing tasks necessary to make the material easier to use. A capability exists to add additional cemeteries and graves to the database in the future. Allen Dew has and continues to maintain the cemetery database. He may be reached at: Cemetery Census or by mail at Cemetery Census, 3230 Walters Rd, Creedmoor, NC 27522-8641.

Much gratitude to Lois Byrd, Melanie Collins, Jackie Frye, the Harnett County Public Library staff, the Friends of the Harnett County Public Library, the Cemetery Committee, Julie and Vernon Gambrell, and Allen Dew. This amazing group of people have and continue to share the common goal of helping those who seek to find a piece of the past.
Cemetery Census has begun adding pictures of grave markers and cemeteries to the database. The pictures display a graphic PHOTO before each name listed. The graphic PHOTO may be clicked to show a large, high resolution, picture.

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--- UPDATES ---

  1. 16 May 2010 - Initial release of the cemetery data for cemeteries
    • 001  Lakeside Memorial Gardens

Last revised 13 March 2015

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