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364    SHILOH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (Herbert Faucette Rd)

      Location - on Herbert Faucette Rd west of Bullock.

      Coordinates: 36d 30m 08.2s N; 78d 34m 38.3s W Click here for Google maps

      Directions: From Oxford, drive to Bullock on Hwy 15N; turn left at the crossroads and right on Herbert Faucette Rd. Drive several miles. The cemetery is on the left on a hill beside the road. There is a sign that says "Shiloh Presbyterian Church Cemetery".

      Recorded for the Granville County Genealogy Society by Mildred Goss and Jessie McLam, April 2011.

      All that is left at the original Shiloh Presbyterian Church site is the old cemetery and a sign. The church was moved to Bullock in 1889 and later disbanded. There are many listings for those buried in this cemetery and the names vary with each listing. Also the dates vary. The following is a composite of several listings.

  1. Baskerville, George T. (Capt.)   (b. 1 Nov 1830 - d. 3 Jul 1863)
      • Husband of Lucy H.G. Baskerville. CSA CO I, 23 NC Reg. Fell at Gettysburg. WPA records give no birth or death dates but does list his age as 33 yrs old
  2. Baskerville, Lucy H. G.   (b. Abt 1833 - d. 27 Sep 1863)
      • Wife of Capt. George T. Baskerville; age 30
  3. Bullock, Frances Catharine   (b. 25 Jan 1831 - d. 17 Jul 1858)
      • Wife of William C. Bullock
  4. Campbell, Lula Elizabeth   (b. - d. )
      • Daughter of Coley and Willie Bell Boyd Campbell. No Marker in 2011.
  5. Campbell, Lula T. Newton Riggin   (b. - d. )
      • Wife of James N. Riggin; Wife of Silas N. Campbell; m/o Coley Campbell Daughter of Thomas and Frances Newton. No Marker in 2011.
  6. Hamilton, Martha Venable   (b. 29 Aug 1838 - d. 16 Jan 1877)
      • Wife of R.A. Hamilton; Daughter of A.W. and Isabella Venable. WPA records list date of birth as 29 Aug 1833
  7. Hines, Edward (Rev.)   (b. Abt 1811 - d. 26 Nov 1879)
      • Age 68 yrs
  8. Morton, Samuel V.   (b. 24 May 1822 - d. 15 Feb 1859)
  9. Riggin, Cornelia Williamson   (b. 18 Jul 1897 - d. 12 Mar 1941)
      • Wife of Cuff Riggin
  10. Riggin, James N.   (b. - d. )
      • Husband of Lula Newton Riggin Campbell. No Marker in 2011.
  11. Smith, Obedience   (b. - d. 19 Dec 1859)
      • Wife of John H. Smith; age about 30 yrs. No Marker in 2011.
  12. Speed, Ann Strachan   (b. Abt 1807 - d. 21 Oct 1851)
      • Wife of John J. Speed; Daughter of John W. Jones; age 44 yrs. WPA records list name as Ann Strayhorn Speed
  13. Speed, Cynthia Ann Tunstall   (b. 26 Oct 1822 - d. 18 Oct 1872)
      • Wife of J.J. Speed. WPA records list name as Catherine Ann Tunstall Speed
  14. Speed, John Davis   (b. 11 Sep 1854 - d. 12 Aug 1855)
      • Son of J.J. and Ann Speed; age 11 mo.
  15. Speed, John Joseph   (b. 17 Oct 1803 - d. 4 Oct 1870)
      • Husband of 1) Ann Strachan and 2) Cynthia Ann Tunstall Speed
  16. Taylor, Minnie   (b. 16 Feb 1851 - d. Aug 1852)
      • Daughter of Thomas J. and Rosalie A. Speed Taylor. WPA records list no date of birth and 1851 as date of death
  17. Taylor, Tommy   (b. Mar 1849 - d. Oct 1850)
      • Son of T.J. and R.A. Taylor; age 1 yr 7 mo
  18. Tunstall, Sallie Lewis Sullivan   (b. Mar 1804 - d. 28 Aug 1878)
      • Wife of Thomas George Tunstall
  19. Tunstall, Thomas George   (b. - d. )
      • Husband of Sallie Lewis Sullivan Tunstall. No Marker in 2011.
  20. Venable Isabella Alston Brown   (b. 29 Oct 1807 - d. 14 Apr 1876)
      • Wife of A.W. Venable; Daughter of Thomas Brown of Auchlachan, Scotland
  21. Venable, Abram Watkins   (b. 16 Oct 1779 - d. 19 Feb 1876)
      • Son of S.W. and M.C. Venable of Springfield, VA. (Honorable Dr. Abraham Watkins Venable - lawyer)
  22. Venable, Thomas Brown   (b. - d. )
      • Son of Abram and Isabella Venable. Husband of Delia Kingsbury Venable; married 11 Jan 1854. No Marker in 2011.
  23. Watkins, Catherine A.   (b. 1832 - d. 1855)
      • Daughter of H.E. and R.W. Watkins. No Marker in 2011.
  24. Williamson, Millie Newton   (b. 1871 - d. 12 Jul 1950)
      • Daughter of Tom and Lottie Newton

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