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310    DOWNEY FAMILY (Sam Young Rd)

      Location - on Sam Young Rd about 1.4 miles from Hwy 15.

      Coordinates: 36d 25m 40.3s N; 78d 36m 11.5s W Click here for Google maps

      Directions: 15N from Oxford toward Stovall. Turn left on Sam Young Rd. Go 1.4 miles; you will see a row of cedar trees along the road on the right. At the end of these trees turn right onto a path. Continue about 160 yds; the cemetery is on the right beside this path. It is enclosed by an old rock wall that has toppled in many places.

      Recorded for the Granville County Genealogy Society by Jessie McLam and Mildred Goss; February 2009.

      This overgrown cemetery is surrounded by an old rock wall, much of which has toppled. The above is as the information is on the gravestones on this date. No. 1 is an upright fieldstone with the information hand carved into it. In the middle of the enclosure is a manufactured stone with "Downey" on the top and the other information inscribed on the front of this stone. This stone is separated from its base and turned sideways on the ground beside the base, the inscription, as stated above, facing up. There are two little upright manufactured stones off from this with the initials J.H.D. and S.S.D. A third little stone with the initials J.E.D. is under a pile of roots and vines and is not visible.

      There is a record in the Thornton Library in Oxford, NC which contains a map of the cemetery drawn by Pressley Davis, a family member. His map also lists 10 unmarked graves in this enclosure, some sites visible today. He lists the first headstone above as Elizabeth, with a birth date of 7 Apr 1767. (Elizabeth and Eliza are the same.)

      The WPA records, prepared in 1941 does not list Eliza; just the other three.

  1. Downey, Eliza   (b. - d. 17 Sep 1804)
  2. Downey, Jane E.   (b. 4 Jul 1826 - d. 4 Jul 1846)
  3. Downey, Jane Harrison   (b. 26 Jun 1792 - d. 27 Aug 1827)
      • Wife of Samuel Smith Downey
  4. Downey, Samuel Smith   (b. Feb 1792 - d. 17 May 1851)
      • Husband of Jane Harrison Downey

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