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307    DEAN, DANIEL FAMILY (Bob Daniel Rd)

      Location - off Bob Daniel Rd about 0.5 mile into the woods.

      Coordinates: 36d 20m 10.7s N; 78d 43m 52.3s W Click here for Google maps

      Directions: From Oxford drive toward Berea on Hwy 158W; turn right on Hebron Rd.; drive approximately 1 mile and turn left on Bob Daniel Rd. Drive 1.7 or 1.8 miles; cross the creek and turn left into the driveway and go left at the fork in the road. Walk approximately 0.5 mile. An old cabin is on the left. The path splits here; bear left and walk about 175 yds. The cemetery is located approximately 39/40 yds on the right in the woods.

      View #2 of the cemetery. View of the cemetery sign.

      Canvassed by Charles Dean, Perry E. Dean, Mildred Goss and Bonnie Breedlove, June 2002.
      Photos by Chotsey Winborne in February 2017.

      Information is from family member, William Graham Daniel, in 1968, who also mentioned two other graves, one of which was found when the cemetery was canvassed:
      MACG H with the dates of 1857 B 1716
      Montague, John who died in 1909; no birth date.

      There are 10 fieldstones marking 10 unknown graves.

  1. Dean, Daniel   (b. 5 Jul 1784 - d. 22 Apr 1868)
      • Husband of Elizabeth Carnel Dean. Son of Richard Dean and Frances Slaughter Dean.
  2. Dean, Elizabeth Carnel   (b. 27 Mar 1788 - d. 9 Jun 1882)
      • Wife of Daniel Dean. Daughter of Moses Carnel and Margaret Carnel.
  3. Dean, William W.   (b. 22 Mar 1820 - d. 5 Dec 1857)
      • Son of Daniel Dean and Elizabeth Carnel Dean.
  4. Gordan, Elizabeth   (b. 5 Sep 1845 - d. 17 Oct 1868)
      • Daughter of William Henry Gordan and Sarah Jane Dean Gordan. Another view.
  5. MACG, H   (b. 1716 - d. 1857)
      • Field stone with letters: MACG H.
  6. Montague, John   (b. Unknown - d. 1909)
      • No birth date.

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