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254    GOOCH FAMILY (Enon Rd)

      Location - 150 yards off the Enon Road between Enon Baptist Church and the Tar River.

      Coordinates: 36d 16m 37.7s N; 78d 41m 16.7s W Click here for Google maps

      Directions: From the intersection of Hwy 158 W and Enon Rd. in Oxford, take Enon Rd. west for 4.8 miles. Just before the 2nd Lucy Averette Rd. there is a path on the right going into the woods. The cemetery is up the path 150 yards. It is enclosed in a wrought iron fence that is in fair condition. The cemetery is well maintained and preserved.

      This family graveyard was used from 1822 to about 1890. In addition to the 17 tombstones, there are at least 11 other unmarked burial places. The yard is surrounded by an iron fence that has been damaged over time. Restoration and cleaning of the stones was undertaken professionally in 2004 and 2005. Some stones are not contemporary with the burial. Family papers show that Amos Gooch (1802-1885) purchased 2 or 3 sets of tombstones, 3 ft. high and 12 in. wide from someone named Raby L. in 1877, probably to replace his parent's stones. Daniel Gooch's death date is not complete on his stone and it is believed that this replaces one that was heavily worn, but a death date survives from a transcript of a family Bible. The DAR did an incomplete survey of the graveyard.

      Surveyed by J. Daniel Mahar in 2001.
      Re-visited for the Granville County Genealogy Society by Joey and Taylor Dickerson and Mildred Goss, April 2010.

  1. Cheatham, Infant   (b. - d. 1869)
      • Infant Daughter of W. and S. Cheatham 1869 Daughter of William H.H. Cheatham and Sally the Daughter of Daniel Terry Gooch. They lived in the old Lena Gooch place, which incorporated the old Daniel Gooch house.
  2. Gooch, Amos   (b. 10 Aug 1802 - d. 7 Mar 1885)
      • Son of Daniel and Nancey (Sneed) Gooch. Amos never married. He and his sister lived in the old Daniel Gooch house and raised several of their orphaned nieces and nephews. Hannah Gooch's will leaves money for stones for her, Amos and their sister Nancy.
  3. Gooch, Daniel   (b. 26 Aug 1756 - d. 18 Nov 1837)
      • Husband of Nancy Sneed Gooch. Son of Joseph Gooch and his Wife Rachel. Transcripts of the family Bible give his death date as the 18 Nov 1837. Daniel was born in Caroline County, Virginia and came to Granville with his family as a young adult. He acquired a plantation on both sides of the Tar River totaling about 900 acres, which had a grist mill and a toll bridge on the Tar River. His house was believed to be the back part of the building known as the Lena Gooch Place on the Lucy Avery Road. He provided war time service in the American Revolution in 1781, when as part of the Granville Militia under Drury Smith and sent to Montford's fishing place on the Roanoke River in Virginia to catch, cure, and band up fish for the American army. In 1788 he achieved the rank of Lieutenant of the Militia. He also served as county entry taker.
  4. Gooch, Dudley S.   (b. 1 Aug 1804 - d. 12 Mar 1863)
      • Son of Daniel and Nancey (Sneed) Gooch. Husband of Mary Jane Bennett and Mary Indiana Jones. Dudley died in Nash County. Aged 59 yrs, 4 ms, 19 dys.
  5. Gooch, Hannah   (b. 7 Oct 1800 - d. 3 Jun 1890)
      • Daughter of Daniel and Nancey (Sneed) Gooch. Hannah never married and cared for her father in his old age. Her house and home farm probably encompassed the area that the graveyard is situated. She kept house for her unmarried brother Amos and was active in the Geneva Presbyterian Church. Hannah Gooch's will leaves money for stones for her, Amos and their sister Nancy.
  6. Gooch, Joseph Daniel   (b. 5 Feb 1842 - d. 2 Sep 1875)
      • Son of Daniel Terry and Nancy (Hester) Gooch. He married Sara Currin in 1873 and she and their only child Sarah Pannell Gooch died in 1874. From a letter written by Daniel T. Gooch, we find that Joseph died of typhoid fever.
  7. Gooch, Joseph H.   (b. 12 Dec 1791 - d. 16 Sep 1876)
      • Son of Daniel and Nancey (Sneed) Gooch. Husband of Susan Bennett. This is one of the older original stones. Joseph should not be confused with his cousin who was Sheriff of Granville. Joseph owned land along the North Fork and ran Gooch's Mill, which was passed down to his son Daniel Joseph Gooch (1846-1905).
  8. Gooch, Lineous T.   (b. 17 Sep 1850 - d. 24 Aug 1875)
      • Son of Daniel Terry and Nancy (Hester) Gooch. From a letter written by Daniel T. Gooch, we find that Joseph died of typhoid fever. The family Bible gives a death month of March.
  9. Gooch, Mary Jane Bennett   (b. 1805 - d. 9 Dec 1848)
      • Wife of Dudley S. Gooch. Daughter of Charles and Martha (Walker) Bennett. Her stone is probably early 20th century. Family DAR applications give her birth date as 27 Jan 1806.
  10. Gooch, Nancey Sneed   (b. 1 Aug 1766 - d. 23 Jun 1823)
      • Daughter of Samuel and Jane (Dudley) Sneed. Stone reads she "was married to Danl. Gooch Oct. 7, 1789. Stone was found uprooted for many years and was reset, though it was impossible to know where her actual burial spot had been.
  11. Gooch, Nancy   (b. 29 Jan 1811 - d. 25 Apr 1862)
      • Daughter of Daniel and Nancey (Sneed) Gooch; never married. Her estate papers show she died the 25 Apr 1849. The current stone was probably raised in the late 1880s or early 1890s, when the error was made.
  12. Gooch, Nancy Hester   (b. 15 Jul 1806 - d. 25 Aug 1862)
      • Daughter of Robert and Nancy (Hart) Hester. Wife of Daniel Terry Gooch. Daniel Terry Gooch is said to be buried in the Cheatham Family Cemetery; he died on the 25 Sep 1895.
  13. Gooch, Rachael A.   (b. 26 Aug 1838 - d. 17 Feb 1864)
      • Daughter of Daniel Terry and Nancy (Hester) Gooch.
  14. Gooch, Samuel A.   (b. 22 Dec 1842 - d. 15 Aug 1862)
      • Son of Daniel Terry and Nancy (Hester) Gooch. He was killed in the Civil War.
  15. Gooch, Susan H.   (b. 14 Aug 1837 - d. 28 Feb 1855)
      • not death but sleepth. Daughter of Joseph and Susan (Bennett) Gooch. This is probably the oldest stone in the yard and ornate with a carved rose.
  16. Gooch, Susan Walker Bennett   (b. 27 Dec 1807 - d. 3 Aug 1868)
      • Daughter of Charles and Martha (Walker) Bennett. Wife of Joseph Gooch. The tombstone does not give a birth date, the family Bible gives 1801, but it could also be 1807; the later is used in DAR papers. This stone was discovered in 2004 buried and was restored.
  17. Gooch, William Noah   (b. 6 Nov 1845 - d. 31 Sep 1888)
      • Son of Daniel Terry and Nancy (Hester) Gooch. He married Celestia Anne Cheatham. Many of his children were active in the Enon Church where many are buried. CSA.

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