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228    MANGUM FAMILY (Bold Run Hill Rd)

      Location - off Bold Run Hill Rd. about 1/2 mile from Mangum Dairy Rd. (Lawrence Rd. in Granville County)

      Directions: From Oxford drive south on Hwy 96 through Wilton turning right on Wayside Farms Rd. At the end of Wayside Farms Rd. turn right on Bruce Garner Rd. Drive 2 miles.; turn left on Lawrence Rd.; drive 2.4 miles., crossing the Wake/Granville County line (Lawrence Rd. becomes Mangum Diary Rd when crossing the county line); turn left on Bold Run Hill Rd. Drive 1/2 mile.; turn left at driveway and drive 2/10 mi. The cemetery is located in the trees on the right next to the drive and is located in Granville County. It is identifiable but not maintained.

      Canvassed by Bonnie Breedlove and Jessie McLam, April 2003.

  1. Lloyd, Marvin   (b. 16 Feb 1914 - d. 18 Feb 1914)
      • Son of Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Loyd
  2. Loyd, Kenneth Lester   (b. 18 Feb 1911 - d. 6 Feb 1913)
      • Son of W.L. and N.E. Loyd
  3. Loyd, Lewis Bernice   (b. 25 Jan 1905 - d. 15 Feb 1908)
      • Son of W.L. and N.E. Loyd
  4. Mangrum, Samuel S.   (b. 6 Oct 1868 - d. 6 Aug 1891)
      • WPA records show name as Samuel S.C. Mangrum and death date as 6 Aug 1894
  5. Mangum, Bular   (b. 21 Mar 1898 - d. 31 Apr 1905)
      • WPA records show last name spelled as Mangrum
  6. Mangum, H.F.   (b. 18 Oct 1872 - d. 10 Sep 1897)
      • WPA records shows last name spelled Mangrum and birth date as 19 Oct 1872
  7. Wilson, India M.   (b. 30 Nov 1863 - d. 15 Dec 1891)
  8. Wilson, James B.   (b. 11 Dec 1866 - d. 14 Aug 1904)

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