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      Location - On Hwy 15 about 3.9 miles south of Oxford.

      Directions: Drive toward Creedmoor from Oxford on Hwy 15 for 3.9 miles. Turn right into driveway and park at the house (short distance from the highway). The cemetery is located just below the house in a grove of trees.

      Several rocks which could have been fieldstones are piled between two trees on the left. WPA records Gay, Abner W., b.26 Aug 1856, d. 19 Jul 1882, son of Dr. A.W. and Annie H. Gay; Gay, Annie H., b. 20 Feb 1817, d. 9 Feb 1883, wife of Dr. A.W. Gay; and Gay, Dr. A.W., b. 23 Dec 1800, d. 2 Jun 1882 but no stones are present now. Permission is needed. It has been well maintained since the present owners bought the property.

      Canvassed by Bonnie Breedlove, March 2005.

  1. Crews, James A.   (b. 28 Apr 1835 - d. 14 Feb 1900)
      • (WPA records CSA 2nd Sgt., Mar 7, 1862 - Dec 4, 1862, Co. E, 46 Reg. half-brother of William Crews, Sallie Maynard, Annie Gay)
  2. Crews, Mary Constance   (b. 25 Sep 1852 - d. 29 Mar 1856)
      • Daughter of William and Rebecca A.H. Crews. (WPA records death date as 29 Mar 1856 and name as Mary Constance). (broken headstone (4 pcs) lying on ground) Aged 3 ys, 6 ms, 5 ds (may be part of headstone. Broken and lying on ground)
  3. Crews, Rebecca A. H.   (b. 20 July 1824 - d. 18 Feb 1889)
      • Consort of William B. Crews. Aged 65 years
  4. Crews, William B.   (b. 14 Mar 1819 - d. 26 Aug 1893)
  5. Gay, A. W. (Dr.)   (b. 23 Dec 1800 - d. 2 Jun 1882)
  6. Gay, Abner W.   (b. 26 Aug 1856 - d. 19 Jul 1882)
      • Son of Dr. A.W. and Annie H. Gay
  7. Gay, Annie H.   (b. 20 Feb 1817 - d. 9 Feb 1883)
      • Wife of Dr. A.W. Gay
  8. Maynard, Sally P.   (b. 6 Mar 1821 - d. 4 Apr 1882)
      • Aged 61 years. (WPA records sis/o Annie H. Gay, Wm B. Crews; half-sister of James A. Crews). (broken; lying flat on ground with broken parts of footstones & headstones. One piece of a headstone has the date 1882 on it.)

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