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      Location - off Bob Daniel Rd. near the intersection with Sunset Rd. and about one mile into the woods.

      Directions: Drive from Oxford to Berea on Hwy 158W for approximately 5 mi. Turn right on Hebron Rd. then left on Bob Daniel Rd. Cross Sunset Rd. Just after crossing Sunset there's a field to the left. Park. The cemetery is located about a mile through the woods on the side of the hill. There are numerous unidentified graves and fieldstones. Some of the fieldstones have cravings and are listed in the attachment. This is private property and a creek has to crossed.

      Canvassed by Kitty Humphries, March 1980; revisited November 2006 by Kitty Humphries, Bonnie Breedlove and members of the Slaughter family.

      According to Mrs. Patricia Slaughter, Mrs. Lillian Adcock and Mrs. Gertrude Huff Humphries, the cemetery was called Goshen Chapel Community Cemetery and was located on what was called the Mill Hill Rd. Blacks are said to be buried there also. Kitty B. Humphries, May 1980.

  1. B. F. & KIM   (b. - d. 20 Aug 1876)
  2. Beaver, J. W.   (b. 25 Nov 1905 - d. )
  3. C. A. S.   (b. 186? - d. 18 Dec 1921)
      • (Woods Funeral Home marker)
  4. D. U. N.   (b. - d. 1854)
  5. Donkin, Howvell   (b. 14 Jun 1832 - d. 31 May 1875)
      • Son of Charles and Henrietta Donkin
  6. Duncan, C. H.   (b. 1799 - d. 8 Nov 1871)
      • Cut by SM Slaughter
  7. Duncan, S. H.   (b. - d. 27 Aug 1876)
  8. E. C. D.   (b. - d. 1873)
  9. Evans, Abraham   (b. 16 Feb 1829 - d. 9 Dec 1906)
  10. Evans, Jane   (b. 1820 - d. 1836)
  11. Humphries, Jasper   (b. - d. )
  12. M. S.   (b. - d. 1882)
  13. Ragan, E.   (b. - d. Jun 1891)
  14. Reagan, N. E.   (b. - d. 22 Sep 1876)
  15. S. T.   (b. 1832 - d. 24 Nov 1922)
  16. Slaughter, Abraham Samuel   (b. - d. )
      • Grave is located within the 2-3 ft stone wall
  17. Slaughter, Catherine   (b. - d. 1 Feb 1904)
      • Age 70 yrs
  18. Slaughter, Infant   (b. - d. )
      • Son of William Albert and Roxie Huff Slaughter
  19. Slaughter, Jacob   (b. - d. )
      • His memorial stone is located in the Slaughter Cemetery at the intersection of Allensville and Sunset roads
  20. Slaughter, Mary Ayscue   (b. - d. )
      • Wife of Abraham Samuel Slaughter; grave is located within the 2-3 ft stone wall
  21. Slaughter, S. P.   (b. 24 May 1871 - d. 1 Jan 1911)
  22. Thorp, Sarah   (b. - d. 15 Nov 1920)
      • Age 99 yrs. Wife of Isaac Thorp

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