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      Location - driving from Oxford on Hwy 15S turn left on Hester Rd. Drive approximately 1/4 mi and turn left into drive between two houses; drive to an old house that sits back from the road and park. After walking to the front of the house, walk about 175 yds crossing a field into the woods. Cemetery is located just inside the woods. It can also be walked to from Hwy 15 by parking on the side of the road. The cemetery is approximately 150 - 175 yds through these woods.

      Canvassed by Bonnie Breedlove, March 2001. The cemetery is identifiable but not maintained.

      There are three footstones without a headstone that have the initials MABS, DBS, and MAV on them.

      * Information received from Karen J. Edwards, great, great granddaughter of Charles and Lucinda Bennett. She thinks that Ferreebie Suit, William Riley Suit and James Suit may also be buried here. All names marked with an `*' are believed to belong to some of the fieldstones. Lee Andrew Nelson Caviness' name is furnished by family member, Sarah Caviness.

  1. Bennett, Charles Washington   (b. Oct 1837 - d. 18 Sep 1899)
      • * son of Charles Caswell and Evaline Bennett
  2. Bennett, Lucinda Clay Suit   (b. 1846 - d. 19 Jul 1896)
      • * Wife of Charles Washington Bennett. Daughter of William Riley and Fereebie Suit
  3. Caviness, Carl A.   (b. 19 Feb 1917 - d. 16 Jan 1919)
      • Son of R. L. and Lida Caviness
  4. Caviness, Frank B.   (b. 29 Dec 1910 - d. 21 Sep 1920)
      • Son of L. N. and Mamie Caviness
  5. Caviness, Kattie Lee   (b. 19 May 1916 - d. 26 Nov 1926)
      • Daughter of L. N. and Mamie Caviness
  6. Caviness, Lee Andrew Nelson   (b. 8 Jan 1860 - d. 1 Feb 1922)
      • *
  7. Caviness, Mamie Mangum   (b. 3 Oct 1876 - d. 7 Aug 1939)
      • Wife of L. N. Caviness
  8. Suit, Mary A. Vaughn   (b. 11 Jul 1837 - d. 3 Mar 1871)
      • Wife of M. H. Suit
  9. Suit, Mecucan H.   (b. 14 Jun 1833 - d. 3 Mar 1903)
      • CSA. * son of William and Fereebie Suit. WPA records indicate death date as 3 Mar 1908

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