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      Location - within the Stem city limits behind the Stem United Methodist Church on Old Hwy 75.

      Coordinates: 36d 12m 11.6s N; 78d 43m 28.9s W Click here for Google maps

      Canvassed by Bonnie Breedlove and Jessie McLam, June 2001. It is well maintained and preserved.

      This could well be described as two cemeteries: Thomasson Cemetery and J.H. Stem Cemetery.

      Per Clara (Mrs. Charles) Arnold on May 10, 1981, owner of the property to the right of this cemetery - previously a Mr. Scott owned the property where the Thomassons graves are located. She stated Mr. Thomasson was the preacher (of the Stem Methodist Church) and that Hattie was his wife. Also per Mrs. Arnold, the property where the Stems are buried once belonged to the founder of Stem. The back of Mrs. Arnold's house was the 1st Stem schoolhouse, and Mr. Bragg was the school teacher.

      Photographs by Dwight Wilkins in September 2012.

  1. Bragg, Milton H.   (b. 19 Apr 1873 - d. 3 Aug 1952)
      • Husband of Minnie Stem Bragg
  2. Bragg, Minnie Stem   (b. 31 Aug 1878 - d. 5 Dec 1967)
      • Wife of Milton H. Bragg
  3. Ferguson, Clara Bragg Bullock   (b. 17 Sep 1899 - d. 22 Oct 1977)
      • Wife of Thomas Ferguson
  4. Ferguson, Thomas V.   (b. 10 Nov 1902 - d. 30 Nov 1962)
      • Husband of Clara Bragg Bullock Ferguson
  5. Stem, John H.   (b. 15 Jan 1849 - d. 22 May 1927)
      • Husband of Mary Lee Roberson Stem
  6. Stem, Mary Lee Roberson   (b. 21 Aug 1852 - d. 15 Dec 1929)
      • Wife of John H. Stem
  7. Thomasson, Frank M.   (b. 15 Feb 1870 - d. 18 May 1933)
      • Husband of Hattie C. Thomasson
  8. Thomasson, Hattie C.   (b. 18 Dec 1873 - d. 21 Dec 1945)
      • Wife of Frank M. Thomasson

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