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097    MOSS FAMILY (Hester Rd)

      Location - from Oxford City Limits on Hwy 15S drive 9.9 mi. to Hester. Turn left on Hester Rd. (SR 1129); go 1.1 mi. There is a small house sitting off the road on the right. Cemetery is to the right behind the house in a grove of pine trees.

      Canvassed by Bonnie Breedlove, April, 1995. It is identifiable as a cemetery and maintained.

      5 Fieldstones. There are some broken pieces of granite that may have been a tombstone; also a group of rocks (like a campfire) piled up that could possibly be fieldstones.

      Listed in WPA Records but not found at the present site: John E. Mitchell, b. 10 May 1822, d. 3 Jul 1888 and Sophie H. Mitchell, b. 8 Feb 1829, d. 25 Jan 1908, wife of John E. Mitchell. (John Mitchell and his wife, Sophie H. Mitchell, have been moved to the Creedmoor Cemetery (Maple Hill).)

  1. Daniel, Guindoleen Moss   (b. 27 Nov 1899 - d. 9 May 1919)
      • Wife of A.W. Daniel
  2. Daniel, Ora Moss   (b. 19 Oct 1892 - d. 1 Jan 1924)
      • Wife of A.W. Daniel
  3. Moss, Annie Francy   (b. 12 Aug 1891 - d. 9 Mar 1893)
  4. Moss, Edward Gibson   (b. 21 Jan 1897 - d. 5 Aug 1901)
  5. Moss, Francis C.   (b. 1825 - d. 8 Apr 1880)
  6. Moss, Geneva D.   (b. 14 Jan 1869 - d. 8 Sep 1928)
      • Wife of J.E. Moss
  7. Moss, J. E.   (b. 22 Feb 1864 - d. 27 Aug 1916)
  8. Moss, John D.   (b. 1820 - d. 27 Aug 1881)
  9. Moss, John D.   (b. 5 Nov 1895 - d. 29 Mar 1896)
  10. Moss, Little Budie   (b. 13 Aug 1910 - d. 25 Sep 1910)
  11. Mossc (Moss), Polly Ann   (b. 6 Feb 1846 - d. )
      • Wife of John Mossc (Moss). Aged 36 yrs 5 m 16 ds

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